Additional Information - Citi® Secured Mastercard®

Apply for the Card

• Complete the online application form. Please be prepared to provide your social security number and some other personal information.

• You must meet our credit qualification criteria, which includes a review of your income and your debt, any available credit information, as well as any other information Citi may have about your credit worthiness.

• We'll use the information you provide to help determine whether you're approved for a Citi Secured Card account, subject to receipt of collateral. ("Collateral" refers to your security deposit, which is equal to your credit line.)

• You must not have any bankruptcy history in the last two years.

Submit a Security Deposit

• The online application requires bank routing and account numbers.

• If approved for the card, your security deposit must equal your credit limit.

• Your security deposit will be held in a Collateral Holding Account for an initial term of up to 18 months without earning interest. Unless Citi determines your account is eligible to have your deposit returned, you must keep your CHA open for the full 18 months.

• We may ask you to verify access to the bank account used for your security deposit.

• If your account is in default or is not renewed, we may apply your deposit to the outstanding balance and close your account.

Build Your Credit

• Citi will report to all three credit bureaus about your account which will help you establish your credit history.

• Pay your bill on time every month to help your score increase over time.

• Citi can help keep you on track with AutoPay, Online Bill Pay and alerts.