Credit Score Needed for the Citi Double Cash® Credit Card

Make the most of every purchase with the Citi Double Cash® Credit Card. Cardholders earn 1% cash back on purchases and another 1% when they pay for those purchases. The Double Cash® Credit Card also offers a promotional introductory APR on balance transfers for 18 months and an introductory offer of $200 cash back (in the form of 20,000 ThankYou® Points) after spending $1,500 on purchases in the first six months.

As with any credit card, it’s important for applicants to consider eligibility criteria, including income and credit score requirements. 

What credit score do you need for the Citi Double Cash® Credit Card?

The higher your credit score, the easier it is to qualify for a credit card. For the Citi Double Cash® Credit Card, having better credit may improve your chance of being approved.

What factors to consider when applying for a Citi Double Cash® Credit Card

Factors like your credit utilization, payment history, length of credit history and credit mix may affect your credit score, which can then impact your chances of being approved for a Citi Double Cash® Credit Card. Here are some factors that can impact your creditworthiness:

  • Payment history: A history of making on-time payments can indicate to lenders that you’re capable of managing debt.
  • Credit utilization: High credit utilization may indicate to lenders that you're not capable of managing your revolving debt. Only paying the minimum every month may lead to a high credit utilization rate.
  • Length of credit history: A short credit history or no credit history may suggest that you’re not an experienced borrower. You may need to build a positive payment history before you can get approved for a rewards card like the Citi Double Cash® Credit Card.
  • Credit mix: Your credit mix refers to the types of accounts you have open – for example, you might have personal loans, credit cards and an auto loan. A good mix can tell lenders that you can manage different types of debt.

How to build credit for Citi Double Cash® Credit Card approval

There are several ways to build credit and improve your chances of being approved for the Citi Double Cash® Credit Card. Consider these tips:

  • Build a positive payment history: Focus on making your monthly credit card bill payments in full and on time. Consider setting up autopay to ensure you don't miss due dates.
  • Pay down credit card balances: Form a strategy to pay off any outstanding credit card balances and decrease your credit utilization.
  • Work on your credit history: If you're new to credit, consider getting a secured card to help you build a positive credit history.
  • Keep your credit utilization low: Paying off your credit card balance every month can keep your utilization low. If you must carry a balance, try to keep the amount as low as possible.

Disclosure: This article is for educational purposes. It is not intended to provide legal, investment, or financial advice and is not a substitute for professional advice. It does not indicate the availability of any Citi product or service. For advice about your specific circumstances, you should consult a qualified professional.

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