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Savings account for Small Businesses

Put your money to work with the Citi Savings Account that's right for you.

CitiBusiness® Insured Money Market Account (IMMA)

Competitive interest rates

Check writing

Unlimited monthly deposits1

Transfer limits apply1
CitiBusiness® Savings Account

Competitive interest rates

Unlimited number of deposits 1

Transfer limits apply1
CitiBusiness® Certificates of Deposit (CD)

Competitive interest rates

Variety of maturities available

Is an IMMA, Savings Account or CD best for my small business?

Consider the hard-earned savings you have, and which account is best for your business

IMMA or Savings Account
  • Access your money whenever you need it
  • Build a cash reserve for your business
  • Funds stay liquid
Certificates of Deposit (CD)
  • Save up and set money aside for future purchases
  • Select from a variety of maturities available
  • Plan for your future with a fixed rate of return

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  1. Regulation D limits the number of certain types of transactions that can be made from a savings or money market account to six in a calendar month. A $20 fee is applied to each transaction that exceeds the limits outlined by federal regulations. There's no limit on the number of transfers between linked accounts maintained at the same Citibank legal entity that you can make in person at a Citibank Financial Center, by mail, at a Citibank ATM location or at a network cash machine.
  2. Minimum deposit required to open account. Speak to your Retail Business Banker for details.