Trade Service Solutions

Running a global business can open up great opportunities – as well as new challenges. That’s why we offer services that let you manage your transactions and reduce your risks when dealing with unfamiliar countries and practices.

  • On-the-ground experience and expertise
  • Simplify your imports and exports
  • Conduct trade confidently and efficiently

What are Letters of Credit?

A Citibank Letter of Credit facilitates import and export transactions. Through this letter, Citi substitutes its own creditworthiness for yours. This assurance makes it easier for you to find overseas companies willing to trade with you. Plus, you can use an import letter of credit to obtain financing for your international purchases when an exporter can’t provide financing.


Letters of Credit

Citi provides you with multiple types of letters of credit, which provide security when buying and selling.

Letter of Credit

Facilitates import and export transactions. An import letter of credit simplifies the process of sourcing and buying products from overseas.

Standby Letter of Credit

Attests that we will pay on your behalf, if and when requested, as long as the required documents are presented.

Confirmed Letters of Credit

Facilitates your export transactions. As the seller, an export (or confirmed) letter of credit from Citibank gives you the assurance that you will be paid if you present the required documents according to the terms of the letter of credit.

Documentary Collections

These serve as proof that the actual shipment of a product or service has occurred, so the buyer can accept a bill and the seller can receive payment.
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