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CitiDirect BE

CitiDirect BE is the next step in banking efficiency. Our award-winning Web-based electronic banking service provides global transaction capabilities as well as information delivery.

You can now streamline your banking experience by receiving real time updates, giving your authorized employees access to corporate accounts, and accessing a wide array of financial services through CitiDirect BE.

Rapid Access. CitiDirect BE provides direct and secure access to accounts for authorized users, anytime and anywhere in the world. Anytime there is movement in your account, the information is made instantaneously available to you.

Mobile Banking. CitiDirect BE® BE Mobile allows you to receive notifications and authorize payments using your mobile phone. BeMobile lets you view and authorize pending payments, and receive text alerts. This service also works with your tablets devices.

Functions with 3rd Party Banks. By utilizing the Data Aggregation and Multi-Banking solution via CitiDirect BE, you can initiate payments and receive account information for your third party banking partners throughout the region.

Various Payment Options. CitiDirect BE allows you to use a number of payment options. You can run paper based transaction through Managers Checks for Citi locations, demand drafts for non Citi locations, and Corporate Checks for any location. Electronic transfers are also available, such as book transfers and Cross Border Funds Transfers.

User-friendly Interface. The CitiDirect BE Online Banking platform is user friendly, ensuring that users have easy access to whatever information they need. Additionally, online training tools make using CitiDirect BE even simpler.

Highly customizable. CitiDirect BE comes with a customization of the report output, so that any report you export from CitiDirect BE will be in your required format and contain the specific criteria requested by your users. Additionally, CitiDirect BE Online Banking supports 24 languages, and individual users can choose which language is displayed to them.

Careful Security Measures. CitiDirect BE offers online audit trails to track all system activity, which protects against internal fraud and errors. Additionally, it ensures accuracy for every transaction through a dual-control security capability which enables second-party verification prior to processing.