Treasury and Trade Solutions


Trade & Finance Services is an integral part of Citibank's product offering. We offer innovative and efficient solutions structured to meet customer needs. Citibank has a separate trade product unit and dedicated operations, all aimed at meeting customer needs and providing the best financial service possible.

Citibank’s local, regional and global trade experts work together to deliver trade solutions tailored to meet your particular needs. Citibank’s team of trade advisors has in-depth expertise in the intricacies of the markets and trade products. These trade advisors share intelligence on trade successes in different geographies to create new and innovative trade solutions.

With Citibank’s leading edge technology, exporters and importers can streamline export and import documentary transactions, simplify reconcilement, and benefit from enhanced information reporting. Citibank supports every aspect of the trade transaction, from the issuing, advising, amending, confirming and paying of letters of credit to the settlement and administration of documentary collections.

Because of our extensive proprietary and correspondent bank network and internet-based information systems, communications are efficient and payments are often faster. Unlike most banks in Pakistan, Citibank N.A maintains its own on-line accounts in all major currencies with our branches abroad. This allows us to expedite export collections and make timely payments for imports in various currencies. In addition Citibank’s SWIFT capabilities ensure reliability and security for transmission of instructions.

Citibank provides customized financing and transaction services solutions ranging from basic documentary collections to more complex structured trade finance. Citibank offers a range of trade finance and services solutions that are competitively priced.

E-Commerce: At Citibank we take pride in being leaders in technology. Our focus is on E-Commerce and electronic banking the world over. We are heavily invested in strengthening our electronic banking platform In Pakistan.

International Trade: Citibank's greatest strength is its global connectivity and access. This advantage helps us to provide better service and faster turnaround to customers involved in international trade.

Domestic trade: Realizing the importance of domestic trade and its requirements, Citibank has structured innovative products to fulfil customer needs involved in local buy & sell activities.