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Citi SpeedCollect is Citi's comprehensive collections solution. We developed SpeedCollect to address traditional impediments associated with the collections process. An efficient means of obtaining timely information and accelerating the collection cycle, SpeedCollect encompasses the entire accounts receivable function, with collections cleared quickly and credited promptly into the customer's account.

Expansive Coverage. Through SpeedCollect, you can make cash deposits and take advantage of due and post-dated check collection services at over 250 locations spread across Pakistan. Citi’s arrangements with a far-reaching network of correspondent banks ensure that, regardless of where a payment is made, Citi has a sophisticated monitoring system in place to track and consolidate the payments.

Streamlined Access. All credits are given in a single concentration account, eliminating the hassle of maintaining and reconciling multiple collection accounts. You are insulated from having to deal with individual bank branches, as Citi addresses these details.

Expeditious Reporting. Citi designed SpeedCollect in recognition of the importance of timely and accurate reports. We understand the need to address reconciliation and internal control requirements, and to develop effective receivable control and management. SpeedCollect features up-to-date MIS reports on cleared and returned funds, which can be customized to your preferred format and delivered at frequent intervals.

Secure Transitions. Citi takes measure to ensure every transaction is a secure one. Speed Collect offers controls that monitor individual accounts. Additionally, Citi offers other services, including an armored car cash pickup facility.

We will establish a network of collection accounts, reconcile your funds against deposit reports, and ensure your collections are managed efficiently.


SpeedCollect offers improved operating facilities and service quality. The SpeedCollect process is tailored to your individual needs, and offers greater visibility and control over financial flows. An efficient and comprehensive system, SpeedCollect facilitates the entire collections process.