How to Save Money Shopping Online

The internet has completely changed the way we shop. It’s also completely changed the way we save.

From using a browser extension to asking for a price adjustment, here are our tips to save money while online shopping.

Use a Browser Extension Like Citi Shop℠

With the Citi Shop program, you can download a free desktop browser extension or mobile Safari extension to help you save while you shop online. Add the extension to your desktop, iPhone or iPad, and enroll your eligible  Citi® credit card.  Then simply shop at your favorite online merchants. The Citi Shop program automatically searches behind the scenes to find money-saving offers.

The Citi Shop program is available exclusively to eligible Citi credit card customers. You can add it to Chrome, Safari or Edge on your desktop, or to your mobile Safari browser on an iPhone or iPad.

Use the Right Credit Card

Some credit cards have set or rotating bonus categories that allow you to earn additional cash back or points in certain categories or at certain stores.

If you’re about to make a purchase, consider which card might get you the most cash back or points. It might be a card with a bonus category or an offer, or it could be a card that gives you the same amount of cash back or points across all spending.

Find the Best Coupon

When online shopping, coupon codes are your friend.

Browser extensions like Citi Shop automatically search for available offers and coupons while you shop at your favorite online merchants. If Citi Shop finds coupon codes applicable to your order, it will input the one code that saves you the most money.

Compare Prices

The internet makes it easy to shop around. Once you find something you want to buy, do a quick search – you could find a better deal on a different site.

Some retailers even have a price match policy if you find the same item for a lower price elsewhere.  

Plan Purchases Early

The more time you give yourself to shop for something, the better your chances of finding a lower price. Having a longer window to buy something gives you more time to shop around and wait for a deal.

If something is full price, you can wait for a discount (or, if it’s already on sale, a deeper discount). Sales are seasonal, and there are shopping holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Planning purchases around these days can help you save. 

Track Prices

Prices fluctuate. Fortunately, there are apps and websites that track prices and alert you to deals. You can set up alerts or get emails when prices drop. 

Ask for a Price Adjustment

What if an item you just bought goes on sale? Check the store’s price adjustment policy – they might refund you the difference if the price changes within a certain time period. If you’re not sure about the price adjustment policy, reach out to customer service. 

Disclosure: This article is for educational purposes. It is not intended to provide legal, investment, or financial advice and is not a substitute for professional advice. It does not indicate the availability of any Citi product or service. For advice about your specific circumstances, you should consult a qualified professional.

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