Citi® Flex Loan
Access cash from your Citi card's
existing credit line.

See if your Citi credit card has an offer to help you handle life's expected and unexpected expenses. No application or credit inquiry if you're a Citi cardmember.

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Why choose Citi Flex Loan?

Fixed APR

The interest rate of this offer will remain fixed for the duration of the loan.

No Application

A Citi Flex Loan leverages the existing credit line on your Citi credit card, so there's no application, credit inquiry or origination fee.

Choose Payment Timeline

Select a loan amount and payment terms both based on your eligibility.

Customize your loan your way

For illustrative purposes only. Actual Offer Terms will vary.

  1. Choose your eligible loan amount leveraging your available credit line. Your monthly payment is instantly calculated.

  2. Choose from the available term options. Your APR is fixed for the duration of your Flex Loan.

  3. Choose direct deposit to receive funds in as little as one business day, or check by mail.

Once you've completed the loan process and received your funds, you can view the details of your Flex Loan on your next statement summary under Citi Flex Plan.

Estimate your payments.

Get an idea of what you'd pay based on your eligible loan amount.

Get an idea of what you'd pay based on your eligible loan amount.
Loan Amount12 Months24 Months36 Months48 Months60 Months

For illustrative purposes only based on a 9.99% APR. Actual Offer Terms will vary.

Now that's fast funds without the fuss

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