Steven Biekens

Steven Biekens

Senior Strategist, Blockchain and Digital Assets

"Stay curious, never stop asking questions."


Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Digital Assets


Steven joins Citi Ventures’ Blockchain and Digital Assets team as a Senior Strategist. In this role he helps identify and build blockchain-based solutions that are relevant for Citi. This includes contributing to research, product design, and roadmaps as well as acting as an ambassador for the blockchain and digital asset ecosystem at Citi.

Prior to joining Citi Ventures, Steven worked at Swiss Re as an investment strategist in asset management. He started his career at the European Central Bank. Since falling into the crypto rabbit hole in 2017, he has developed a deep passion for blockchain and crypto assets. He has been an active user of many protocols and has kept up with the latest in crypto, DeFi, NFTs, and central bank digital currencies.

Steven studied economics at the University of Antwerp and KU Leuven. He currently lives in Switzerland with his family. Besides his passion for crypto, he enjoys reading, music, and running.