Julien Donnet

Julien Donnet

Product Manager, Blockchain and Digital Assets

"Web3 is redefining the very concept of digital value, and I am thrilled to join Citi Ventures to help harness its potential and support the banking industry in reinventing itself. Curious by nature with a hands-on personality, I love to learn, experiment, and build new exciting products!"


Blockchain, Digital Assets, Project Management, Product Management, Capital Income, Tokenization


As a product manager and member of Citi Ventures’ Blockchain and Digital Assets team, Julien is responsible for defining, prototyping, and building new products as well as promoting and contributing to the visibility of the technology within Citi.

Prior to joining Citi Ventures, Julien worked as a manager at Deloitte and as a Principal Consultant for a tech consulting company, where he helped shape and deliver innovative projects for the financial industry. Since 2017 Julien has also gradually become involved in the crypto space, at first out of personal interest and eventually also in his professional endeavors providing consulting and delivery work in the tokenization area for private banks.

Julien graduated from Telecom Nancy Engineering school with a Master’s degree in Computer Science and is currently complementing his academic background with an Executive MBA from the EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) in Lausanne. In his free time Julien can be found scrambling on the slopes of the Swiss Alps—on foot or on a snowboard—and later in the day in the kitchen, cooking and trying not to burn dinner.