Citi's 9th Annual Digital Money Symposium

March 2022

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  1. Navigating the Open Banking Landscape

    • Charlotte Crosswell, Chair and Trustee, Open Banking
    • Host: Marina Kvasnikova, Director, FinTech Investment Banking, Citi

    How open banking is transforming the financial services industry and fosters connectivity across the FinTech ecosystem.

  2. What is next for Fintech investing?

    • Tom Lesche, Partner, Speedinvest
    • Erik Mostenicky, Vice President, Fidelity International Strategic Ventures
    • Host: Alix Brunet, Vice President, Venture Investing, Citi

    Discussing the rising innovation trends and evolving investing environment to unlock Fintech opportunities

  3. API’s: the building blocks of the future

    • Iddo Gino, Founder & CEO, RapidAPI
    • Host: Ornit Shinar, Head of External Innovation and Venture Investing, Citi

    How API’s are reinventing how we create both technology and business

  4. Asia Neo banks - the Next Frontier

    • Arvie de Vera, Co-Founder and CEO, UnionDigital Bank
    • Barbaros Uygun, CEO, Mox Bank
    • Maggie Pao, Executive Vice President of Retail Banking Group, Richart – digital bank of Taishin
    • Host: Yafei Tian, Director, Financials & FinTech Product Coordinator, Citi

    We discuss development of digital banks across various Asia markets. How digital banks disrupt traditional banking model, promote financial inclusion and enhance customer experience.

  5. The Future of Credit: Scoring, Alternative Lending Models and a New Generation of Borrowers

    • Kristy Kim, CEO, Tomocredit
    • Guy Assad, CEO, Clerkie
    • Host: Christa Williams, SVP and Investing Principal, Citii>

    We discuss credit trends, the evolution of “creditworthiness” and building product and content for a new generation of borrowers.

  6. Web 3.0 – Separating fact from fiction

    • Chris Perkins, President, CoinFund
    • Jalak Jobanputra, Founder and Managing Partner, Future\Perfect Ventures
    • Itay Tuchman, Global Head of Foreign Exchange, Citi
    • Host: Shobhit Maini, Co-head of Digital Assets, Citi

    Web3 the hype, the infrastructure and the possibilities.

  7. The Rise of Wealth in Asia

    • Michele Ferrario, Co-Founder and CEO, StashAway
    • Henry Toh, CFO International, Tiger Brokers
    • Host: Niklavs Petersons, VP, APAC CB Fintech Team, Citi

    We discuss the growing wealth in Asia, what trends are emerging and how Robo-Advisors and Online Brokers are shaping the future of wealth.

  8. SWIFT & The Future of Payments

    • Thomas Zschach, Chief Innovation Officer, SWIFT
    • Nick Kerigan, Managing Director, Head of Innovation, SWIFT
    • Host: Melissa Tuozzolo, Payments Advocacy and Industry Head, Citii>

    SWIFT Innovation leaders discuss the future of transaction messaging and strategic areas of development for the SWIFT network.

  9. What Will it Take for Digital Assets to go Mainstream - Building Bridges b/w TradFi and DeFi

    • Annabelle Huang, Managing Partner, Amber Group
    • Henri Hyvärinen, Co-Founder & CEO, Token Terminal
    • Maximilian von Wallenberg, CEO, Unstoppable Finance
    • Host: Ioana Niculcea, Director, Head of FinTech and Digital Assets Advisory, Business Advisory Services Citi

    The panel explores what is unique about innovation in the digital assets, the types of innovations that are likely to have staying power, and possible pathways to their greater adoption.

  10. Asia Digital SME Lending and Payments

    • Andy Chan, Co-Founder, Qupital
    • Daren Guo, Co-Founder, Reap
    • Host: Carine Souvannavong, Senior Relationship Manager, Citi

    In this session, we discuss how FinTechs in the Lending and Payments space have played a key role in providing better financial access to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and how the use of technology, leverage of data and RegTech solutions have acted as an enabler

  11. Neobanks in Lat Am and Beyond

    • Juan Guerra, CEO, Revolut de México
    • Mauricio Schwartzmann, CEO Mexico, Mastercard
    • Rafa Plantier, Head of Strategy & Business Development, Nubank
    • Host: Ronit Ghose, Global Head of Banking, FinTech & Digital Assets, Citi

    Challenger banks are riding high on the FinTech boom in Latin America

  12. If CBDC is the answer, what is the question?

    • David Birch, Global Ambassador, Consult Hyperion
    • Dr. Ruth Wandhöfer, Partner, Gauss Ventures
    • Katie Fortune, Senior Manager, CBDC Unit, Bank of England
    • Host: Tony Mclaughlin, Emerging Payments and Business Development, Citi

    Central banks didn’t care that much about bitcoin because it did not meet the 3 functions of money. Then Libra raised its head. For the first time the monopoly of the state over money was challenged. Now that Libra is gone, what is the rationale for CBDC? Policy makers point to a host of possible justifications – what is decisive reason… or might there be alternatives?

  13. Money Made Easy – A Fireside Chat with Monese

    • Norris Koppel, CEO, Monese
    • Host: Mark Litz, Managing Director, Head of FinTech IB, Citi

    How technology solved practical KYC challenges and led to creation of a modern banking app

  14. Digital Identity: Pathway to the Future

    • Dakota Gruener, Executive Director, ID2020
    • Sarah Clark, Senior Vice President Digital Identity, Mastercard
    • Marie Geraghty, Innovation Catalyst, Digital Assets, Citi
    • Host: Anuj Ganghar, Director, Global Insights, Citi

    We look at the growing importance and opportunities around digital identity. What do corporates need to know? And who will drive the change necessary to make reusable digital identity a global reality?

  15. SupTech: How are Regulators and Central Banks Innovating?

    • Beju Shah, Centre Head, Nordic Innovation Hub, Bank for International Settlements
    • Jo Ann Barefoot, CEO & Co-founder, Alliance for Innovative Regulation
    • Sunayna Tuteja, Chief Innovation Officer, Federal Reserve System
    • Host: Sophia Bantanidis, Future of Finance Analyst, Citi

    We will look at how public sector bodies – regulators and central banks – are innovating by deploying technology, what are some of the challenges they face when innovating and what knock on impact this may have on regulated firms.

  16. Big Tech & Banking: The Next Move

    • Zachary Maufe, Head of Financial Service Solutions, Google Cloud, Google
    • Host: Ronit Ghose, Global Head of Banking, FinTech & Digital Assets, Citi

    What is on the Horizon for Big Tech and Banking?

  17. Future-gazing: How is FinTech Facilitating the Future of Work?

    • Huy Nguyen Trieu, Co-Founder, CFTE
    • Host: Ronit Ghose, Global Head of Banking, FinTech & Digital Assets, Citi

    The workplace has changed for the foreseeable future, we take a deep dive into how FinTech ’s are changing the Future of Work.

  18. Why the Next Generation of Client Experience in eCommerce Matters

    • Shalu Attri, Director, Global Business Development, eBay
    • Justin Abel, VP of Payments Operations, Strategy & Risk, Fast
    • William Artingstall, Emerging Payments and Business Development Director, Citi

    In this session we discuss why the next iteration of eCommerce experiences matters and how payments can act as an enabler.

  19. Enabling Commerce for SMEs – A Fireside Chat with SumUp

    • Marc-Alexander Christ, Founder & CFO, SumUp
    • Mark Litz, Managing Director, Head of FinTech IB, Citi
  20. Basic Digital Infrastructure: Bridging the Gender Divide

    • Chris Fabian, Co-lead, UNICEF Giga
    • Jessica Schnable, Global Head, IFC Banking on Women, IFC
    • Sylvia Mulinge, Chief Consumer Business Officer, Safaricom
    • Kyla Gineitis, SVP Impact, Social Finance, Citi

    Experts discuss the significance of basic digital connectivity in emerging markets, and examine how to design inclusive solutions for digital gender parity.