City Builder® by Citi

Developed by Citi Ventures, City Builder® by Citi is a free, data-driven platform designed to help investors, developers, municipalities, and community members make impactful, place-based investments.

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City Builder provides users with tools and information on a wide variety of community needs and opportunities to make a positive impact. Features include:

Community Detail View

Users can view people, place, and development information for all census tracts in each of the cities on the platform.

Climate Data

Users can view data on each area’s climate risk (storm, heat, drought, fire, and flood), air quality, and richness of natural elements.

Socioeconomic Needs Filtering

Users can filter census tracts by eight socioeconomic needs: Grocery Availability, Healthcare Access, Housing Affordability, Internet Access, Job Opportunities, Neighborhood Walkability, Student Engagement, and Water Infrastructure.

Investment Incentive Eligibility

Users can view eligibility for three investment incentives: Opportunity Zones, New Markets Tax Credits, and Low-Income Housing Tax Credits.


City Builder serves a diverse group of audiences interested in place-based investments, such as:

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