Steven Mitchell

Steven Mitchell

Senior Software Engineer I, Studio

"Seeing the software I create in the hands of users is one of the most satisfying parts of my job, and Studio amplifies this satisfaction by giving me the opportunity to make products that improve peoples' lives."


Front-End Development, Web Development, Software Consulting, Agile Development Coaching, E-Commerce Domain Expertise


Steven is a senior software engineer, and the first to join Studio’s engineering team. Steven develops features for and plans the software architecture of Studio’s various products.

Steven’s background is in software consulting, having spent the past three years working with clients in various industries to build high-quality software and improve their software development process. He has worked primarily in website development but also has experience in DevOps, particularly in “infrastructure as code.” His top priorities are code quality and driving business value, and his job has often involved balancing the two.

Steven received his BS in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology, graduating with honors and far too many Georgia Tech t-shirts. Outside of programming, he plays the harp, collects porcelain teacups, and has a strong interest in languages. If you see him out and about, he probably has a cup of tea in his hands.