Sonal Sharma

Sonal Sharma

Data Engineer, Studio, Venture Innovation

"Data is driving the modern world to the next technological epoch, and I aim to be a catalyst in this transition. Citi Ventures affords me the opportunity to help find and reduce bias in financial services and influence product decisions through data engineering."


Data Engineering, Data Science, Marketing Analytics, Cloud Services, Big Data, Visualizations, Python, SQL


Sonal is a Data Engineer on Venture Innovation’s Studio team. She sits at an intersection between product, engineering, and leadership and plays a key role in informing, influencing, and executing best practices for the Product and Marketing teams. Her work typically encompasses all Studio products, and focuses on building scalable and fault-tolerant data pipelines in order to maximize the capability of extracting data and making it usable.

Sonal graduated from New York University in 2021 with a master’s degree in Information Systems, where she developed both technical and business acumen. She has helped companies build data pipelines, optimize their budgets and campaign allocations, and has provided key visibility into organizational KPIs and architectural solutions to anticipate customer needs.

Outside of work, Sonal enjoys doing calligraphy and hand-lettering. She loves hiking and spending quality time with family and friends. Her ideal morning starts with a cup of hot tea, and she cannot imagine her day without it.