Peter Collingridge

Peter Collingridge

EMEA Regional Lead, ICG D10X

"I'm fascinated by how industries (and individuals) respond to the transformational impact of technology"


Consumer and B2B Internet Startups, Mobile, Lean & Agile, Digital Strategy, Data and Analytics, Product Management, Entrepreneurship


Peter heads the growing worldwide team of Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR), who provide coaching and real-world startup experience to our internal startups. He joined Citi as an EIR in May 2017 and took on responsibility for the coaching programme in September 2017.

Peter has worked in tech since the late 1990s, founding a digital strategy consultancy and two startups in the UK before moving to California in 2012. It wasn’t until he got recruited by Amazon that he realised that what he was good at was called “Product Management” and that what he loved was using digital as a lens for transformation within businesses and industries. During his time in California he met Eric Ries and Steve Blank, and realised (with some dread) that the way he had gone about product until that point had been 100% wrong. He has subsequently built lean product organisations for O’Reilly Media and The Times, and is as passionate about the human side of transformation as he is about the technological.

A keen swimmer, Peter lives in west London with his wife Polly who is taking an MSc in cross-cultural psychology, his son Bruno and daughter Edie. One day soon he’ll start cycling to work.