Matthew Wu

Matthew Wu

Senior Software Engineer I, Studio

"Being able to innovate with Citi’s platform provides an awesome opportunity to empower people from all financial backgrounds."


Web development, Design, Software architecture


Matthew is a senior software engineer on Studio’s engineering team. He develops and powers various Studio products and is committed to being an all-around engineer who supports business needs.

Matthew is a skilled web developer specialized in front-end development, with an appetite to expand his knowledge across the stack. Numerous years of building high-fidelity websites has solidified his engineering aptitude and sharpened his intuition. Previously, Matthew was at various startups hacking his way towards rounds of funding and laying the foundation for an array of platforms and products.

Outside of work, Matthew is involved in Meetup groups focused on the latest technologies and design. Matthew received his BS in Computer Science & Engineering from the University of Washington, and graduated with his name on the Dean’s List numerous times. Matthew is an amateur but competitive basketball player, and can be found frequenting courts around the Sunset in San Francisco.