Kimi Zou

Kimi Zou

Software Engineer I, Studio

"My ultimate goal in life is to utilize my knowledge and skills to do some good in the world. By joining Citi Ventures Studio, I’ve taken my first step."


Front-End Development, Web Development, Design


Kimi is a Software Engineer I at Citi Ventures Studio. They are currently working with the City Builder team to develop collaborative solutions that drive economic vitality for people and communities.

Kimi received their immersive full-stack software engineering education and training at App Academy, and have since been honing their skills in multiple front-end and back-end languages and technologies. Prior to App Academy, Kimi worked as a freelance designer at PSFK.

Kimi graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Music. They volunteer for the Roosevelt Island Residents Association, where they are responsible for building a web platform for communicating news and updates to residents as well as collecting feedback on concerns. Outside of programming, Kimi enjoys exploring new places with family, reading philosophy books, watching Japanese anime, and playing all sorts of sports (basketball, table tennis, and badminton, to name a few).