Kelson Quan

Kelson Quan

Software Engineer II, Studio

"Turning caffeine into beautiful financial tech products that promote economic vitality."


Web Development, Product Management, Strategy


Kelson joins the team as a full-stack software engineer. He coded as a hobby for several years, building websites for his friends, and more recently decided to commit to coding full-time. He completed a web development bootcamp at UC Berkeley and held several internships before joining Citi.

Kelson graduated from NYU with degrees in economics and mathematics. For the past five years he worked at IBM and Apple in various roles, but primarily as a product manager. There he helped launch various products, from IBM Marketing’s first AI product to a software developer kit for Apple CarPlay. Although his career path has changed from product to engineering, his goal to be a successful entrepreneur and caring leader has remained constant. He has high hopes of founding a successful company and becoming a proficient software engineer.

When he has time off Kelson can be found taken solace in the sea, fishing for bluefin tuna on multi-day fishing trips in San Diego. He also loves a good conversation and coffee meet-up at Philz Coffee.