Charles Howe

Charley Howe

Director, Venture Investing

"Working to help, in some small way, the entrepreneurs who are shaping the future of financial services has been the most gratifying pursuit of my near 20-year career."


Fintech, Proptech, Capital Markets


Charley is a Bay Area-based venture investor who focuses on fintech, proptech, and capital markets startups. He has led investments in, Factory_OS, and Roofstock.

Charley joined Citi in 2004 as part of the Markets Analyst Training program. He then spent nearly 15 years in Citi’s Global Spread Products business, focused on residential and commercial mortgage as well as consumer ABS securitizations. Moving to the firm’s venture investing practice has been an invigorating way for Charley to leverage deep domain expertise while learning a new craft.

Charley was a History major at Middlebury College and obtained an MBA at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Charley is a proud dad to his two kids, Henry and Lily. He loves any pursuit that gets him outdoors, particularly skiing, road and mountain biking, golf, and toddler wrangling. Charley is a world-class book buyer and a passable book reader.