Arti Kuthiala

Arti Kuthiala

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications

"Narrative is everything."


Storytelling, Marketing, Communications, Program/Product Management, Entrepreneurship, Customer Development, Lean Methodology, Consumer Psychology


Arti is responsible for driving key strategic Marketing and Communications programs at Citi Ventures. Prior to that, she launched the Citi Ventures accelerator program. Arti came to Citi with an extensive product development and marketing background across digital media, ecommerce and advertising.

Before joining Citi, Arti co-founded Style Ashram where she leveraged lean startup and customer development to drive product launch and growth strategy. In addition to leading product and marketing at various startups, Arti spent over 4 years at Orange Labs, where she worked across business units to drive innovation and new product development.

Arti graduated Summa Cum Laude with an MBA in Marketing from San Francisco State University and specialized in Consumer Psychology for her Bachelors from Delhi University. She co-authored the book Regional Wealth Creation in the Innovation Economy. As a diplomat's daughter, she grew up in several countries and has a keen ear for languages.