Anuj Tomar

Anuj Tomar

Senior Software Engineer II, Studio

"Writing software is the most creative part of building a business—it’s where the invention happens."


Entrepreneurship, Digital Strategy, Corporate Development, Digital Transformation, Corporate Innovation, Product, Lean Marketing, Design Thinking


Anuj is a senior software engineer on Studio’s engineering team. He is responsible for building full-stack features, architecting web systems, and creating tools that help improve developer velocity.

Anuj has worked on both the business and engineering sides of software development, at enterprise businesses and startups. His varied experience includes automating core business functions by developing combinatorial algorithms and shipping web features that are used by millions of users a day. He also cofounded Outco, a business that trains software engineers in computer science and interpersonal skills.

Anuj studied English and Mathematics at Virginia Commonwealth University. Outside of work he enjoys swimming, playing tennis, and rock climbing.