Alexandre Kech

Alexandre Kech

Director, Blockchain and Digital Assets, Venture Innovation

"I am passionate about innovation and the power of technology, and thrive when given the opportunity to lead a team of diverse individuals who share that passion."


Banking, Capital Markets, ISO Financial Standards, Blockchain, Digital Currencies, Cryptocurrencies, Tokenization


Alexandre Kech joins Venture Innovation as Director of Blockchain and Digital Assets. Alex is building a team to engage across the European ecosystem on emerging use cases for blockchain technologies and digital currencies.

Over the past 25 years, Alex has constructed a unique career combining finance at BNY Mellon, payments/securities infrastructure and standards at SWIFT, and blockchain and digital assets at Onchain Custodian. As co-founder and CEO of the Singapore-based company, Alex led the team that built from scratch a custody and prime brokerage service for crypto and other digital assets.

Alex earned a Bachelor’s degree in translation from the ULB in his home country of Belgium, and an Executive MBA from the Quantic School of Business and Technology while he built his startup—putting theory to practice in real-time. He now works in Zurich, Switzerland as well as the city of Zug, where he lives with his family. Outside of work, he can be found at the Shed in Zug—the place to be for crypto aficionados—on a golf course, or riding his motorcycle. He also enjoys drumming and playing bass guitar, and is looking to join a band in his new country.