Non-bank Financial Institution Casebook

Foreword Digitization Opens Up Vast New Possibilities for NBFI Digital adoption has now become the focus of organizations to thrive as the world has taken a different direction with the pandemic outbreak. While digital transformation has steadily increased over recent years shaping the sector with new business models, new commercial partnerships and different consumer relationships the current pandemic has accelerated this. Treasury’s strategic partnership with the business puts it in the driving seat when it comes to digital adoption. The pressure is on to deliver solutions that are seamless, reliable and fully automated. As a result, the pace of centralization and standardization across businesses and markets is getting faster. To succeed in this environment and capture new opportunities, you need cost-effective access to a wide range of solutions such as digitising payments and collections with cutting edge technologies that identify and quantify your exposures, and manage and mitigate risks effectively. Digitization is critical to success on both the top and bottom lines. Automating processes can help reduce expenses, while better customer experiences and more productive processes can lead to more revenue. While digitization and technology important, there is a need to instill the human element in our businesses. Our clients have tackled these challenges and have created pockets of excellence and innovation. The case studies highlighted in this casebook demonstrate how our client partnerships lead to ideation of new solutions that help deliver valuable results to their organizations. We hope this casebook of client stories prompts consideration and provides interesting insights to you. We look forward to collaborating with you to put these best practices to work for your organization. Please contact us to find out how we can help you. Sandip Patil Regional Head, Liquidity Management Services and Financial Institutional Group Asia Pacific, Treasury and Trade Solutions, Citi