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Cash Management

At Citibank Pakistan we recognize that corporate and financial institutions function in diverse regulatory, political and cultural environments, constantly facing practical problems in handling and collecting cash. Our experience in the Pakistani market combined with our ability to provide global solutions enables us to offer a full range of cash management products and solutions that efficiently address these problems and fortify the smooth progression of cash flows.

We offer a range of products that contemplate issues that you may face in the current corporate landscape. How does a company collect its sale proceeds from remote upcountry regions? Which instruments ensure both quicker receipt of funds and minimize credit risks? How does a company pay its regular suppliers without keeping numerous bank accounts for various locations and then reconcile them periodically in a highly manual / paper-based environment? Citi’s products are aimed to help maximize resources while providing you with value-added solutions to meet your needs.

Citibank Pakistan offers cash management products and services calculated to improve the cash flow of your business and operations. We focus on delivering time critical information to directly enhance business efficiency. Through its elaborate product offering, Citi aims to:

The ability to customize our product offering to suit the typical needs of our corporate customers, coupled with our technology-based solutions, gives Citi a unique edge in the present Pakistani market.