Corporate Banking

Recognized Innovations

Citibank is Pakistan's most innovative commercial and investment bank, having won more international citations for deals done in Pakistan and having more landmark transactions to its credit than any other financial institution. Euromoney recognised Citibank as the "Best M & A bank in Pakistan" in 1999. Citibank's recent notable transactions include:

1999 Arranged the first local currency future flows securitisation transaction.
1998 First local currency lease rental securitisation.
1998 First local currency securitisation backed by Notes Payable from a Government owned entity.
1997 First foreign currency foreign future currency receivables for PTCL of USD 250 million.
1996 Successful placement of the largest term finance certificates issued in the country, resulting in a double-fold increase in market appetite.
1996 Arranged the Government of Pakistan's highly successful issue of USD 150 million FRN.
1995 Successfully placed the largest term finance certificate issued in the country.
1994 Devised the first local currency corporate bond.
1993 Launched Pakistan's first and to date only Euro-convertible offering.
1992 Successfully structured the first leveraged management buyout.
1991 Pakistan's first ever foreign equity fund.