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As an Escrow Agent, Agency and Trust receives, safe-keeps, services and administers clients’ escrowed assets such as cash, securities, property (including intellectual property), contracts, or other collateral. Performing within the terms and conditions set out in the escrow agreement, Agency and Trust can support escrow requirements for a wide variety of transactions and services, such as:

M & A Services

Agency and Trust provides a wide array of M&A services around M&A transactions.

Escrow Agent - Cash and Securities Safekeeping

M & A Paying Agent

Closing Agent

Debt Paying Agent and Trustee

Citi can help facilitate acquisitions and ease the closing process with a variety of services that include:

  • Tender, exchange and paying agent services to facilitate payments to holders, tax reporting, and post-merger cleanup via the initiation of an unclaimed property program
  • Escrow services to address holdback or indemnification issues
  • Receive and invest funds for purchase price prefunding
  • Closing agent services to guide complex transactions to a smooth conclusion
  • Enable clients to maximize returns through providing access to a full range of investment options

We can process and monitor payments to facilitate a seamless transaction.

  • As your tender, exchange or paying agent, we will process payments promptly, and field inquiries from you and your shareholders so you can focus on the most important elements of your transaction. Our online Letter of Transmittal process improves accuracy, timing, and information flow.
  • Provide a dedicated team of experienced administration officers to facilitate a smooth and successful transaction. You will be provided a single point of contact for reporting of positions tendered and outstanding, shareholder hot lines, and ongoing support throughout the closing process.
  • Should your transaction require an indemnification or holdback escrow, we can facilitate payments of escrowed assets to your holders.
  • Closing agent services to guide complex transactions to a smooth conclusion
  • Enable clients to maximize returns through providing access to a full range of investment options

Simplify your next M&A transaction while minimizing time and resources for your clients. Whether you represent the acquiring or selling firm, we can help your transaction run smoothly. Our services include:

  • A relationship manager who will serve as the point of contact for you and your client for all your transaction service needs
  • Standard agreements across multiple jurisdictions and geographies to facilitate documentation of each type of M&A escrow and payment services appointments
  • Custom agreements to meet your specific transaction needs
  • Administration of all types of M&A transactions, and meet your client’s needs
  • Access to Citi's dedicated and experienced administration officers and attorneys to discuss documentation issues

Reinsurance Trust

Agency and Trust is a leading provider of trust services to the insurance and reinsurance industry with a unique blend of experience, global reach and superior service. Citi’s Agency & Trust team has expertise in a wide range of structures including

Benefits At A Glance:

Loan Agency

Agency and Trust’s Loan Agency Services offers syndicated loan originators access to the experience and expertise of one of the world’s largest processors of syndicated debt by performing valuable services associated with drawdown, interest payment, principal repayment, and ongoing deal administration needs. Transactions supported include third-party loan administration for bi-lateral lending, syndicated lending and leveraged lending and loan asset servicing.

Product Offerings

Citi Loan Agency Services offerings harness expertise and experience to provide solutions that eliminate the need for the clients to maintain the infrastructure required to perform the role of an administrative agent.

Adminstrative Agent / Facility Agent

Act as intermediary between Borrower and Lenders for drawdowns, interest payments and ongoing loan administrative functions

Account Bank

Maintain certain corporate bank accounts to receive and hold cash
Administer permitted investments under loan documents
Operate corporate bank accounts in accordance with account bank agreement

Calculation Agent

Make certain calculations of loan interest and administer other calculations as required

Collateral Agent / Security Trustee

Represent lender interests at all times

Intercreditor Agent

Aggregate information where there are multiple loan facilities and agents covered by a common pool of collateral

Settlements / Trust

Agency and Trust brings expert knowledge and a broad level of experience with Relief Fund Trusts, Settlement Administrations, and Remediation Trusts

Settlement Administration

A corporate financial settlement or related payment obligation

Remediation Trust

Compliance required by EPA to hold funds set aside for remediation or mitigation purposess

Relief Fund Trust

Monetary relief fund or reserve to locally affected people from natural disasters or other incidences

Collateralized Lending

Agency and Trust provides value as an independent third-party to hold cash and/or other assets in accordance with an established Pledge, Assignment, and Control Agreement

Project Finance

Agency and Trust offers a full spectrum of corporate trust services including Accounts Bank, Administrative Agent, Security Trustee, Escrow Agent, Collateral Agent and Distribution Agent to support project finance transactions in all industry sectors, regardless of funding source. Citi has a truly global network with multi-country and multi-currency transaction

Administrative Agent / Facility Agent

Collateral Agent / Security Trustee

Account Bank

Intercreditor Agent

Why Citi


Centralization of Agent and Trustee Services to a Single Relationship Bank

One main point of contact for transaction execution including agreement negotiation, account opening, funds flow processing and reporting

Global Capability

Provide a variety of agency, fiduciary, exchange and paying agent, closing agent, depositary and escrow services to a wide array of financial institutions, corporate clients and public sector entities around the world

Local market expertise and a global presence to expand with our client’s needs

Service Quality

One of the most recognized and trusted providers in the world

Highly experienced professionals tailor solutions that deliver premier service and customer satisfaction

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