Debt Services

Agency and Trust offers a comprehensive suite of agency and fiduciary services to support your issuances of debt in both domestic and international markets. Our track record, commitment to innovation, service quality and global reach has made us a market leader in conventional debt services worldwide.

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Comprehensive Support for all Debt Issuance Needs


Commercial Paper

Certificate of Deposit

Medium Term Notes

Corporate Bonds

Convertible Debt

Liability Management


Issuing and Paying Agent | Trustee and Registrar | Collateral Agent Common Depository | Custodian Conversion and Calculation Agent | Tender and Exchange Agent | Consent Solicitation and Information Agent

Why Citi


End-to-end solutions for complex transactions provide more options and greater flexibility

Real time, 24-hour access to debt information, including outstanding positions, daily issuances, and upcoming interest and maturity obligations

Global Capability

Global presence to support our client’s expanding needs

One-stop shop for all fixed income related services

Service Quality

Experienced implementation team that facilitates set-up and ongoing administration from origination to maturity

Monthly DTCC report cards confirm our high quality service