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Your Chip Card is simple to use, accepted globally and now in the U.S.

Whether using your Chip Card here in the U.S. or while traveling abroad, we want you to know how it works and be ready to use a chip terminal when making purchases. It's a smart card that's already standard around the world.

Chip Technology is now a built–in feature from Citi and there's nothing you need to do differently in order to start using your Chip Card. If you do not currently have a Chip, it may be added to your existing card at no cost. Your card will retain all of its features and benefits including the same account number. Upgrade Now!

Don't have a Citi Card with Chip? Most of our cards now have a Chip. Click here to find the right card for you.

Enhanced Security

  • The security Chip Technology provides has been used globally for the last decade and is proven to reduce counterfeit fraud.
  • Chip Cards provide better fraud protection than traditional cards when used at a chip enabled terminal. They have an embedded microchip that turns cardmember information into a unique code, making it difficult to duplicate.

Easy and Convenient

Chip Technology is available in the U.S. and Citi wants you to be ready. Simply follow the terminal prompts, outlined below, to make a transaction at a chip terminal:

  1. Insert your credit card into the chip terminal and press the green button to accept the amount (no PIN required).
  2. Be sure to leave your card in the terminal and wait for authorization before removing your card.
  3. Sign the receipt, and off you go.
  • If a merchant does not yet have a chip terminal, just swipe as usual since your card still has a magnetic stripe.
  • For phone and online transactions, just complete your transaction as usual.

Global Acceptance

  • Worldwide Acceptance. Travel with ease and enjoy global acceptance with your Chip Card.
  • Now in the U.S. Credit Card Issuers & Merchants in the U.S. are transitioning to Chip Technology that is in use around the world.

See How Chip Technology Works

Using Your Chip Card
It's simple, but a little different to use. This quick video gets you up to speed fast.

Helpful "EMV Chip Tip" Videos for International Travelers

Chip Technology is the global standard. Watch these short videos to help you prepare for travel abroad with your Chip Card.

At a Restaurant

Safer to use since your credit card never leaves your possession. The chip terminal is brought to you for transactions.

Off the Beaten Path

There's no PIN needed. Just sign the receipt.

Shopping in Town

Your Chip Card is simple, easy and convenient.

In the Train Station

Travel abroad with ease using Chip Technology.

Credit Cards/ Chip Technology
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