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Global Investment - Sun Secured Advantage

Global Investment
Global Investment Opportunity from Citibank® 

This is a unique global investment program designed to help you in an ever-changing world, with the decisions you make about how to grow and manage your wealth become increasingly complex. Sun Secured Advantage provides flexible and powerful tools for you to have greater control over your investments, helping you build, preserve and transfer your wealth.

The Global Investment Advantage

As an global investment product, Sun Secured Advantage offers the following:

• Global registration that helps protects assets against political instability.
• Programs that provide liquidity and access to your money.
• Tax-neutral location that provides high net worth individuals with asset security, stability and potential growth.

Flexible Wealth Management

Successful long-term planning is essential for your financial future and that of your heirs. Sun Secured Advantage’s choice of investments and product options enable you—with the help of your financial professional—to create a customized solution for your specific needs and goals.

Sun Secured Advantage can help you build, preserve and transfer your wealth by:
• Guaranteeing your Investment
• Diversifying your portfolio
• Protecting your wealth against currency devaluation and political instability
• Providing income for your children, grandchildren, and/or trusts
• Ensuring business continuity

Asset Allocation and Rebalancing
Asset allocation and a rebalancing strategy can be key determinants in building wealth, and the right strategy can have a tremendous impact on your investments’ performance over the long run. With Sun Secured Advantage, you may choose from three investment strategies to meet your financial objectives.

Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)
This strategy helps reduce the likelihood of buying mutual fund sub-accounts at their highest price. Instead of investing a large amount in mutual funds all at once, DCA moves a fixed dollar amount at regular intervals into the mutual fund sub-accounts you select, creating a steady investment stream. The concept of DCA is to buy more when prices are low and less when prices are high, causing you to purchase more units over time. However, keep in mind that DCA or any other systematic investment program does not guarantee a
profit or protect against a loss in fluctuating markets.

Guaranteed Interest Periods
Guarantee Interest Periods help safeguard your wealth by providing a Guaranteed Interest Rate on your
Investment for a specified time period. With this option you do not need to worry about how the markets may fluctuate. You will be locked in with a set interest rate for the time period you select.

Secured Future
If you like the idea of protecting your Investment but want some exposure to the equity markets, protect your Investment with Secured Future, a free optional account feature that guarantees a 100 percent return of your initial Investment while allowing for long-term growth potential in the market.

Optional Principal Guarantees
Backed by Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada
For those that want even greater access to the equity markets but do not want the risk of losing their investment, consider selecting the Principal Protection Preferred Program (PPP) or the Principal Protection Returns Program (PPR) and receive guarantees from Sun Life Financial Investments (Bermuda) Ltd. which are fully backed by the parent company, Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada. These are optional programs and are available for additional fees.

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