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Securities Finance

Are you seeking to enhance your portfolio yields? For nearly a quarter century, we have been developing customized programs to do just that. With lendable assets in excess of $600 billion, Citi's Securities Finance offers clients around the world a range of securities finance capabilities that few organizations can match.

Through a coordinated global approach, we can promote the availability of your securities. Our securities lending desks are strategically located in New York, London and Hong Kong, enabling us to fulfill the borrowing requirements of more than 100 top investment banks, broker-dealers, banks and other financial institutions worldwide.

You can leverage Citi’s global reach to gain direct benefits in the servicing of your international and domestic portfolios:

  • Maximize your portfolio’s value by lending in 27 markets
  • Increase demand for your portfolio through our 24-hour coverage
  • Rely on our on-the-ground presence in these markets and our local market expertise to provide you with news about the latest regulatory, tax and market changes

We also manage fail-coverage programs that provide intraday settlement in the local markets.

Online, real-time control
Citi’s proprietary Securities Lending System is an online, real-time, Windows-based client server application that gives you a high degree of control over your lending program.

In addition to providing all the functions needed to manage a securities lending program, our system offers specialized features for superior delivery, including:

  • Third-party custodial linkages
  • Global centralized inventory
  • Borrower approval/limits
  • Concentration limits
  • Individual collateral requirements
  • Reports and data extracts through CitiDirect® for Securities, our Web-based platform

Risk mitigation
While maximizing yield is important, our first goal is to preserve each lender’s principal while maintaining liquidity. We pre-screen and approve for creditworthiness any borrower introduced into our program, and review a variety of scenarios—including collateral risk, counterparty risk, contractual risk and operational risk—to help reduce overall program risk. We focus on each client’s individual needs to create a solution with the appropriate risk/reward balance.

Determining your needs…and meeting them
Citi excels at developing innovative solutions for securities lending programs. We can:

  • Design the best program structure according to revenue potential and your specific needs
  • Provide agency or principal programs in either a custodial or non-custodial capacity
  • Tailor programs related to collateral, investments, counterparts and limits
  • Leverage cross-border investor settlements to increase borrower demand
  • Maximize inherent trading value through our borrower relationships and global presence
  • Optimize international programs, due to our understanding and consideration of tax and contractual issues

With global reach and local market expertise, we offer superior skill in creating a program to help maximize your portfolio’s utilization and value.

For more information, please contact us:

The Americas
Mel Deane: 212-657-9522
Tony Evans: 212-657-9522

Victoria Bright: 44-20-7500-5467
Mark Boughton: 44-20-7500-2616

David Russell: 852-2868-8998