Summer Internship Program

Summer Internship Program

Internships at Citi Handlowy are available in the following areas:

And at Citi Service Center (Citibank International Ltd and Citibank Europe Plc) in the following areas:

An ideal candidate should:

  • Be committed, creative, ambitious
  • Demonstrate clear professional interests
  • Have good teamwork skills
  • Have a very good command of English
  • Be willing to learn and develop
  • Have work experience from academic clubs and student organizations

Recruitment Process

We encourage you do send your CV as early as possible - we recruit on an ongoing basis . To apply for the Internship click on the name of the business area that interest you, and fill in your profile in recruitment system.

The Summer Internship Program is addressed to students who have completed their second year of studies. The Program runs for two and a half months - from early July to mid-September. During that time, students have the opportunity to carry out interesting projects and tasks, learn the nature of work in the banking sector, and establish professional contacts within Citi Group in Poland (Citi Handlowy, Citi Service Center, Dom Maklerski Citi Handlowy). Each participant of the program carries out his or her tasks and acquires knowledge and experience under the supervision of an individual Tutor. At the end of the program, the interns present their achievements and results of their work to the Heads of the divisions at which they were interning. We are continually developing and enhancing the Summer Internship Program based on the opinions of its participants in order to meet the needs and expectations of students.
Summer Interns are granted on employment contract and receive salary.

During the selection process, which takes place from March to May, we invite selected candidates to interviews with the HR representatives and managers who are responsible for preparing projects for the Program. At these interviews, the students’ knowledge is assessed, and they are asked about their professional and academic interests and career plans. As part of the interview, students may also be asked to take some tests.

During the Program, participants take part in Orientation training during which they have a chance to learn general facts about our organization, its culture, history and the principles of Citi entities in Poland.

In addition to Orientation, participants also take part in other custom-tailored training sessions and various integrating activities. In early July, all the interns go on a trip that features some volunteer activities.

Previous years, Interns were shooting the Lip Dub and took part in the Innovation Project, during which they worked on innovative banking solutions. The authors of the best ideas were given awards.

Having completed the Summer Internship Program, the interns gain a number of opportunities for development in various fields, depending on the quality of their work during the Program.

Graduates and final-year students may continue at specialist positions, or join Citi at one of the Graduate Programs like the Analyst Programs or the Regional Programs.

Internships at Citi Handlowy are offered in the following areas:

  • Consumer Banking - here you will be able to work in departments related to the creation and management of credit products, investment products, and insurance products; to analyze sales and customer service quality; familiarize yourself with business dedisions, mobile banking, and electronic banking. The Consumer Banking Division serves individual customers and micro companies, and offers services such as innovative SMART branches, Universal Bankers and Private Banking.
    Internships will be available in Warsaw, Gdańsk (Citigold), Katowice (Citigold), Cracow (Citigold), Szczecin (Citigold) and Wrocław.
  • Corporate Banking - as part of this internship, you will work within departments such as Risk, Sales, Transactional Banking, Product Management, Trade Financing, Securities, Capital Markets, Bonds, and Treasury. In this section of the bank, we serve local and global Corporate Clients.
    Internships will be available in Warsaw, Katowice, Cracow, Lublin, Łódź and Rzeszów.
  • Treasury - do you dream of being a broker? If you are interested in financial markets, market risk, micro- and macroeconomic analyses - this section is made for you. We offer corporate and individual clients i.a. deposits, FX, bonds, notes, swaps, and options. For the 5th consecutive year, Citi Handlowy has ranked first in the Euromoney ranking.
    Internships will be available in Warsaw.
  • Operations - during this internship, you will work within departments dealing with operational support and processing banking transactions, customer service, supporting Branches and customer service, project and process management, valuation of assets and settlement of securities.
    Internships will be available in Warsaw, Łódź, and Olsztyn.
  • Technology - during this internship, you will have the opportunity to work in departments dealing with the management of technology processes, IT security, management of IT infrastructure, development of banking systems, and IT architecture.
    We also encourage you to participate in projects related to IT and economy, where you will be able to familiarize yourself with the management and support of IT processes, data analysis, project management, testing, and parameterization.
    Internships are going to be available in Warsaw.
  • Support - these are the support departments such as Marketing, Communications, Legal, Finance, Compliance, and Strategy.
    Internships will be available in Warsaw.

In the Citi Service Center Poland (Citibank International Ltd and Citibank Europe Plc) internships are offered in the following areas:

  • Operations - in either Anti-Money Laundering or Investor Services

    • Anti-Money Laundering Operations (AML) are tasked with analyzing transactions in Citi accounts in terms of their compliance with the law. Citigroup's unique place in the financial markets, coupled with the challenges posed by a dynamic and open global economy, have prompted Citi to apply an array of modern, comprehensive solutions in the field of AML. This is especially important in today’s world, where crime and terrorism have become a transnational threat. Employees of this department are involved in the monitoring and analysis of transactions in the EMEA region which may be linked to criminal activity.
    • Investor Services (IS) are tasked with: valuation of foreign investment and pension funds and recording transactions concluded by Fund Managers, reconciliation of accounting positions with the depositories’ registers, recording Corporate Actions (such as bonuses, dividends, mergers, subscription rights), fiduciary and Middle Office operations (settlement of transactions between Prime brokers and depositories). This unit also includes the Projects Office. Work in this segment of the bank offers constant contact with international financial markets by way of global investment funds.
  • Technology - during an internship in this area, you will be responsible for conducting important projects in the departments dealing with the management and support of IT processes, IT security, IT infrastructure management, banking systems development, IT architecture.
    We also offer projects related to data analysis, project management, testing, and parameterization.
  • Support - these are the support departments such as HR, Marketing&Communications, Legal, Finance, Compliance.

Internships at the Citi Service Center will be available in Warsaw.