Citi Handlowy

Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A. is one of the leading financial institutions in Poland offering a wide range of corporate, investment and consumer products and services under the Citi Handlowy brand. Below you will find information on its various divisions. For more information on Citi Handlowy go to

SMART Branches

Smart branches, which are replacing traditional bank branches providing services to consumers, are equipped with innovative customer service tools such as interactive touch screens with a benefits calculator and a presentation of available products, tablets and state-of-the-art computers that enable transactional self-service, or special rooms that allow you to conduct videoconference with an expert. Work in the field of Smart Banking enables us to create a new image of banking in Poland and carry out projects reflecting latest customer experience trends. The first Smart branch was opened by Citi Handlowy in Katowice in 2013.


CitiPhone is responsible for customer service as well as for selling our products via incoming calls. It is one of the most modern contact centers in Poland and the first one to offer customer service 24/7. Within the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa), CitiPhone operates in fourteen countries, offering customer service in seventeen languages and handling ca. 19 million telephone calls a year. In Poland, the CitiPhone staff are located in Łódź and Warsaw.

Central Distribution Department

The Central Distribution Department is responsible for pro-active sales of banking products to the Bank’s Customers via telephone. It is the officers’ task to obtain a thorough understanding of the Customers’ needs and present them with a suitable offer. The Central Distribution Department staff are located in five cities - Katowice, Warsaw, Łódź, Pruszków and Bydgoszcz.


The Citigold Department provides services, carries out acquisition activities and sells the Bank’s products and services to wealthy Customers. Relationship Managers are responsible for establishing relationships with the Customers based on an outstanding quality of service and premium products. Citigold is a strategic, fast growing business, present in all the major Polish cities: Warsaw, Kraków, Katowice, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Szczecin and Łódź.

Segments and Products

This area is responsible for the development, management and monitoring of the profitability of such banking products as cards, loans, accounts or deposits, both from the perspective of the product itself and from the Customer’s point of view. Its responsibilities also include the management of the Bank’s offering so that it is aligned with the needs of specific Customer groups.

Marketing and Electronic Banking

The Marketing and Electronic Banking Department is not only responsible for multichannel marketing and communication with Citi Handlowy Customers in respect to our products and services, but also for Electronic Banking in general. The scope of its responsibilities includes, among other things, online acquisition, management of the Internet websites of the consumer bank, overseeing the operation and functionality of the Bank’s online platform, monitoring the development of additional online and mobile services, as well as informing, involving and inspiring our Customers throughout the entire period of the relationship with a view to build mutual trust and credibility.

Strategic Customer Department

The Strategic Customer Department provides services directly to those major Polish companies and institutions which are Citi Handlowy Customers. Its staff are responsible for ongoing cooperation between the Bank and its Customers, and ensuring that all needs expressed by the latter are satisfied. Working in close liaison with global and local Citi structures, we are able to provide our Customers with comprehensive support on all fronts: opening bank accounts, foreign currency exchange, transactions in capital markets, trade financing or advisory services related to acquisitions to name but a few areas of cooperation.

Commercial Bank

The Commercial Bank develops relationships with a wide variety of Customers, including, but not limited to: Small and Medium Size Enterprises, large local and international companies, as well as public sector entities. Its offering includes both standard banking products and services, and an extensive range of products tailored to the specific needs of the Customers.

Global Subsidiaries Group

The Global Subsidiaries Group (GSG) is responsible for relationships with Polish branches of global Citi Customers. Its staff manage relationships between the Bank and its Customers, ensuring that all needs expressed by the latter are satisfied. Working in close liaison with global and local Citi structures, we are able to provide our Customers with comprehensive support regarding: opening bank accounts, foreign currency exchange, transactions in capital markets, trade finance or advisory services related to acquisitions, to name but a few areas of cooperation.

Treasury and Trade Solutions

Treasury and Trade Solutions supports corporate customers as regards liquidity, transaction services and trade financing. Its offering includes, among other things, electronic banking services, trading and custody accounts, credit transfers, receivables management, deposits, cash pooling, business and prepaid cards, cash management, system integration, factoring, guarantees, letters of credit and trade credit solutions. A wide and flexible range of products enables the Bank to address the needs of its customers with respect to the efficiency of internal business processes related to funds management.


The Treasury Division performs two major functions at the Bank - first, it is responsible for cash flow management and second, it provides services to corporate and institutional customers. The sales and structured products unit serves the Bank’s customers in terms of foreign currency, financial risk hedging, as well as sale and purchase of treasury bonds. The capital markets unit handles customer services related to corporate and municipal bond issues. Finally, the traders unit is in charge of managing the Bank’s liquidity, ensures that the reserve requirement is satisfied, and makes investments in the money, currency and interest rate markets to guarantee profitability of the funds deposited with the Bank.

Citi Handlowy Brokerage House

Visit the website of the Brokerage House.


The Finance Division oversees the Bank’s balance sheet, provides advice for internal purposes, and is responsible for the preparation of financial statements, as well as various analyses and tax returns. It also represents the Bank before tax authorities, auditors, stock exchange analysts, investors and rating agencies.


The Risk Management Sector develops the portfolio management strategy and the credit policy of the Bank. With a view to ensure effective operations of the Bank, it develops specific risk management procedures, along with credit instructions necessary for the proper growth of the business. Additionally, this Sector is responsible for the design of risk measurement models and verification of their effectiveness in estimating expected losses, and is also in charge of the development of worst case scenarios. Such tasks are to ensure continuity of business in the event of extreme market developments. Risk management is not limited to its mitigation - it also involves adjusting the level of exposure to specific types of risks to the Bank’s strategic objectives and planned profitability level.


The Technology Division is in charge of managing and supporting technology processes, IT infrastructure management, banking and clearing system management, IT architecture, as well as project management. It also encompasses the Citi Handlowy R&D Center for Banking Products located in Łódź.

The Technology Division staff are located in Warsaw and Łódź.

ITSO and Vendor Management

ITSO and Vendor Management is responsible for implementation of the information security policy, coordination of continuity of business processes, and for the outsourcing policy at the Bank. Its staff ensure that information, which is one of the critical assets of a financial institution, is adequately protected. The activities of the Department address all security issues, starting from confidentiality, i.e. protection against unauthorized access, through protection of our customers’ personal data and supervision over processes outsourced to external vendors, to ensuring continuity of business processes. An efficient business information protection system is one of the Bank’s key obligations to its customers.

Consumer and Corporate Bank Operations

The Operations Department handles, processes and controls banking transactions, debt collection, credit analysis, project and process management, asset valuation and securities clearing. Consumer Bank Operations handle such products as credit and debit cards, personal accounts, mortgages or time deposits, while Corporate Bank Operations provide services related to products dedicated to businesses. Operations are present in several locations in Poland - in Olsztyn, Łódź and Warsaw.


The Strategy Department is responsible for the development and revision of the Bank’s growth strategy. It coordinates the activities performed by individual entities and organizational units in regard to the implementation of critical projects. The scope of its responsibilities also includes advising the Management Board of the Bank, including preparing expert and other opinions, and market analyses. Additionally, the Strategy Department is in charge of the analysis and monitoring of the Bank’s market share.


The Compliance Department supports the Bank’s Management Board and executives in activities aimed at ensuring legality and compliance of the Bank’s operations with Polish laws, internal procedures, regulations, and the rules applicable in Citigroup.

Legal Division

The Legal division is primarily responsible for providing legal support to other organizational units of the Bank, including advice, issuing opinions concerning normative acts, and cooperation with law firms.


The HR Division recruits and develops our employees. It is also responsible for the training course selection, talent management within the organization, and the compensation and benefit policy. HR also performs tasks related to shaping the Citi Handlowy image as an employer. It is a strategic partner for the business, assuming joint responsibility for HR policy planning.

PR and Communication

The Department carries out PR activities for the Bank and its subsidiaries, manages the relations with mass media, coordinates the Bank’s sponsorship initiatives and is in charge of internal communication. The PR Department’s responsibilities also include image building and raising brand awareness, as well as preparing marketing campaigns for institutional customers.