FAQ on the Payment Purpose Code

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Payment purpose code is used to identify the purpose of each and every payment as requested by the Central Bank of Jordan.

There is a detailed list of all payment purpose codes shared by the Central Bank of Jordan. This list contains the classification “category” of payment purpose codes, a 4-digit numeric value code and purpose description.

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Central Bank of Jordan has decided to introduce Payment Purpose Code as part of its mission to enhance the banking system and track domestic and cross border payments.

Payment Purpose Code is additional piece of information which aims at identifying the purpose of each and every payment.

Bank customers, who receive or make payments in Jordan or abroad “Domestic and Cross Border”, will require to utilize Payment Purpose Code. Bank customers need to include Payment Purpose Code in outgoing payments “Domestic and Cross Border”. Also Bank customers need to inform all domestic as well as international parties from whom they are expecting a remittance(s) to their account to include Payment Purpose Code in each and every payment.

In compliance with Central Bank of Jordan regulations, starting February 2nd 2015 all inward and outward remittances (Domestic transfers within Jordan, Cross Border transfers to beneficiaries outside Jordan and Cross Border transfers incoming to beneficiaries within Jordan) must contain a Payment Purpose Code.

Payment Purpose Code can be used for the following domestic and cross border payments:

  • Customer initiating domestic payment to a beneficiary within Jordan
  • Customer initiating cross border/international payment to a beneficiary outside Jordan
  • Customer receiving domestic payment into their bank account in Jordan
  • Customer receiving cross border/international payment into their bank account in Jordan

Payment Purpose Code for each and every payment needs to be provided in the field “Payment Details” which currently accommodates 140 characters.

In case the Payment Purpose Code is not used, the processing of both Inward and Outward payments in your account IS LIKELY TO BE REJECTED OR MAY be delayed WITH additional processing charges as may be prescribed by the Central Bank of Jordan from time to time.

All Citibank channels including CitiDirect, Citi File Xchange (CFX) and Citi Swift Exchange (CSX) will be upgraded to accept Payment Purpose Code for Jordan.

Yes, Citi will be able to provide Payment Purpose Code in all account statements including MT940 and 950.