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Citibank at Work


With Citibank at Work, the program designed for those of you who have a payroll account at Citibank, your life becomes better even when you... are not at work.
Citibank at Work offers you more convenience and security with your payroll, as well as many additional privileges that make your everyday life easier, special prices, and prompt service provided by our representatives who are always there to help you.

"Premium Payroll" Account:

  • With a high scaled rate applied to the total amount of the deposit
  • Without any management fees
  • Without any obligation to maintain a minimum amount

Citibank At Work exclusive telephone service line: 210 92 90 380, 801 110 55 55

Learn about the additional benefits of this program, and profit from the suggested solutions.


  • 50% discount on the entry fee for investments in all the Mutual Funds available by Citibank
  • Possibility to participate in the "Development" Investment Plan by making regular payments starting from 100 Euros monthly/quarterly/ half-yearly.

Investment products are not bank deposits or obligations of, or guaranteed by, Citibank International plc or its branches and affiliates (unless expressly and specifically stated otherwise), are subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of the principal invested, and they are not secured by the Government or any governmental agencies.




In collaboration with ALICO, we offer:

  • Pension Plus, the guaranteed pension savings plan
  • Junior Plus, the savings plan for the creation of a guaranteed fund for children
  • Zero insurance premiums for the 12th and 13th months of both insurance plans

The new Safe Wallet plan offers you insurance for your personal articles (coverage for credit cards, cash withdrawals at ATMs, documents, keys, and telephone communications).



  • Funds transfer with zero charges by Citibank, through:
    - the CitiPhone Banking service, to banks in Greece and abroad
    - the Citibank Online service (web-banking), to banks in Greece and Citibank abroad
    - the ATMs of Citibank branches, to banks in Greece and Citibank abroad
  • Transfers with zero charges to employees accounts
  • Free of charge standing orders though Citibank Online, for the automatic payment of your bills (e.g. rent, insurance premiums, etc.)
  • Free of charge automatic payment of bills (telephone, electricity, water) on the due date



Citibank offers you the widest and fullest range of cards, with no annual fee* for as long as you own the card. Additionally, Citibank offers you 50 Euros as a gift* for your first purchases so that you can enjoy your new card even more. After activating your card, the amount of 50 Euros will be credited to your account, and will appear on the next card statement that you will receive.

Citibank Cards

  • Citibank Classic Visa/MasterCard
    Make your small or large purchases easily and safely
  • Citibank Platinum Visa
    Earn 50% discount on the annual fee and benefit from the preferential interest rate
  • Citibank Visa Vodafone
    Use your Vodafone mobile phone and earn up to 40 discount on your monthly fee
  • Olympiakos Citibank Visa/P MasterCard
    Win unique gifts, annual season tickets, and trips to Europe for the European events
  • Affinity Card/Glou Citibank MasterCard
    Discounts and interest-free installments at Inditex and Glou Group stores

Additionally, the "I Care" Citibank cards program offers you the opportunity to make, through your card, a monthly contribution in any amount you may wish, and actively participate in the charity work of ELPIDA and ELEPAP organizations, by helping children in need.

Diners Cards

Live every beautiful experience in life through Diners cards... You will discover unique opportunities in all of them.

  • Diners Club Classic
    More than 63.000 merchants all over Greece and more than 15.000.000 merchants all over the world are waiting for you to make your everyday transactions
  • Diners Club Prestige & Diners Club Prestige Vodafone
    Earn 50% discount on your annual fee
  • Diners Club-Vodafone
    Feel free when you use your mobile phone by earning up to 40 off your Vodafone monthly fee
  • Diners Club-Unicef
    Support Unicefs mission! Offer, with no charge at all, 0.5% of the value of your transactions to Unicefs vaccination programs
  • AEK FC Diners
    Exclusive yellow-black gifts, as well as season tickets with up to 12 interest-free installments
  • Diners Club Public
    Exclusive offers and discounts at Public stores

With all Diners Club cards, you also enjoy a range of unique privileges:

  • Participation in Shop & Win rewards program, so that you can win points from all your purchases and redeem them at the major participating merchants
  • Dine Diners program, which offers 50% discount at more than 85 restaurants all over Greece
  • Diners Theatre Club service for the purchase of tickets
  • Diners Cosmos Club exclusive travel service for travels with 0% advance payment and 12 interest-free installments
  • Shopping Protection program for the replacement of the items bought with your Diners Club card, in case they are destroyed or stolen
  • Diners Health Club, with favorable rates for medical consultations and diagnostic examinations at a big collaborating diagnostic centre, as well as a 24-hour consulting line

Moreover, wit h"" cards program, you may easily help children who suffer, by making a monthly contribution through your Diners Club-Unicef card.

Choose your own Citibank or Diners Club credit card, especially offered to you:

  • With the possibility to make a balance transfer from cards of other banks and to repay your balance with a preferential interest rate
  • With "" Timely Payment Reward Program, that rewards you for the timely payment of your card and offers a reduced interest rate for new purchases by 2 percentage points

*Not available for Citibank Platinum Visa & Diners Club Prestige cards.



  • Citibank Online Service
    It allows you to control your finances safely, wherever you are
  • e-Statement Service
    You have instant access to your monthly Citibank & Diners card statement as soon as it is issued. When this service is used, card statements are no longer sent by mail
  • Citi Mobile Service
    You make your banking transactions easily, quickly and from anywhere, through your mobile phone
  • Citibank Alerts
    You have an instant update and control of your card and your bank accounts, by SMS and e-mail
  • e-signature
    The first electronic magazine with the new fashion trends, lifestyle and offers



For any information about Citibank at Work program:

  • visit a Citibank branch near you











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