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New, enhanced E-statement service!

Do you have cards and/or bank accounts with Citi? Now, you can view online both your card statement and your bank accounts statement (Citi Statement).

With the enhanced e-Statement service, you can actively participate to Citibankís effort to protect the environment, by discontinuing the receipt of paper version statements, enjoying at the same time the benefits of electronic communication.
  • You are kept fully informed: e-Statement includes exactly the same information as the paper statement sent by mail. It's an exact copy of your paper statement.
  • Instant update: The statement is available online, on the day it is issued. You receive an update by email as soon as your statement is issued, and you can view it immediately, via Citibank Online, instead of waiting for the mail to be delivered through the post office.
  • Convenience: You can access any time, via Citibank Online, your most recent statement either for your card or for your banking accounts (Citi Statement).
  • Security: Access to the statement becomes a strictly "personal matter", since it is not possible by any other person except by you. In order to gain access, you need a password and, unlike paper version statements, e-Statements can't be lost or stolen.
  • Statement History: You have access to cards statements up to 12 months old and to Citi Statements up to 3 years old. You can save your statements on your computer and, in this way, keep a statements file as old as you like.
  • This service is offered to you for free.
  • Enrolment

    Enroll to e-Statement by following these simple steps:

    1. Login to Citibank Online, through

    In case you havenít already done so, you should first register for Citibank Online and then for e-Statement service. For more information about your registration to Citibank Online, click here.
    2. From the "Services" menu select:
    "Cards e-Statement" to enroll for your cards or
    "Banking e-Statement" to enroll for your bank accounts.
    3. Enter your e-mail address to the screen that will appear. In case you have more than one credit cards, make sure to enroll each one separately.
    4. After completing the enrollment , you will promptly receive an e-mail welcoming you to the e-Statement service. †

    How to view your statements

    1. Login to Citibank Online, through
    2. From the "Account Information" menu, select "Credit Card Statement Inquiry" or "Banking Statement Inquiry" depending on which statement you want to see.
    3. Select "date of issue" to view the statement you are interested in. The file of your statement will open in pdf format and, if you wish, you may print or save it on your computer.


    What is the e-Statement service?
    This new, free service gives you the chance to participate at Citibankís effort to protect the environment, by discontinuing the receipt of paper version statements for your cards or your bank accounts, enjoying at the same time the benefits of electronic communication, such as:
  • Instant Update, since you receive your statement as soon as it is issued.
  • Convenience, since you can access your statement any time.
  • Security, since only you can have access to your statement.
  • What is the enrolment procedure for the e-Statement service?
    You may enroll for the e-Statement service through Citibank Online, Citiphone or at any Citibank branch.

    How will I be notified when my card statement is issued?
    As soon as your e-statement is available online, you will receive a notification e-mail. With just one click, you will sign on to the Citibank Online service where you will be able to view your statement online.

    What information is included in the e-mail notification?
    The e-mail notification informs you that your statement has been issued. It will include a link to the Citibank Online service where, after signing on, you will have access to the information of your electronic statement. The notification e-mail does NOT include an attachment of the e-Statement file, or other personal or financial data concerning your accounts.

    What information is included in the electronic statement (e-Statement)?
    The electronic statement (e-Statement) is an exact copy of your paper version statement, and therefore it includes all transactions and balances for the period mentioned.

    From time to time, I also receive some other leaflets, sent with my statement, which contain interesting information or offers. Will I still be receiving these leaflets?
    There is a link included in the notification e-mail which directs you to a Citibank web site page, where you may see information about current offers, when available.

    Will I have access to previous statements through e-Statement?
    Of course. Through Citibank Online, you have access to your card statements for the last 12 months and 3 years for your Citi Statements (pdf files).

    Is the e-Statement service available for all credit cards?
    The e-Statement service is available for all Citibank and Diners Club credit cards.

    If I enroll for the e-Statement service, can I continue receiving my statement(s) by mail?
    Your enrollment to the e-Statement service indicates that the paper version of your statement(s) will no longer be sent to you by mail. For this reason, you will receive your statement in electronic form only. However, in case the bank considers appropriate (for example, if you are in delinquency), you will also receive your statement by mail.

    I donít want to terminate my enrollment to the e-Statement service, but I will probably need the paper version of my statement for a specific month. Will you be able to send it to me?
    Of course we will, provided that you contact Citiphone and request that this particular statement be issued to you. The Bank will issue a genuine copy of the statement you are interested in, and will send it to you by mail, at the indicated address. Your registration for the e-Statement service will remain fully effective.

    I pay the monthly statement of my card through the Hellenic Post (ELTA). Will I still be able to register to the e-Statement service?
    Of course you will. You may continue paying your monthly statement through the Hellenic Post (ELTA), provided you fill in the Quick Payment or Postal Money Order form, available at ELTA, with your name, card number, and the relevant Citibank account number. Specifically, the Citibank Quick Payment Account Number is 3 00 07-9 for Visa cards, and 80 96-0 for MasterCard.

    I have already received the notification e-mail informing me that an e-Statement has been issued, but I donít know how to login to Citibank Online. What do I have to do?
    In order to sign on to the Citibank Online service, follow the instructions available in User Guide, having with you your Citi Debit Card or your Credit Card.

    If you donít know / remember the ATM PIN of your card, you may request a PIN reissue through CitiPhone. After receiving it, you may complete your login to Citibank Online.

    Three reasons why you should register for the e-Statement service
  • High-level security -
    128-bit encryption
  • Itís fast and convenient
  • You are able to print, save, and file it on your computer for future reference
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