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Citibank Online - Terms and Conditions


Terms and conditions for Citibank Online electronic services announced by Citibank Greece.

1. Citibank Online is an electronic communication system and method which provides customers with access to banking, investments and other Bank services, allowing the Customer to place electronic orders and instructions through the Internet using his/her personal computer or mobile phone or interactive TV.

2. To obtain Citibank Online service, the Customer is required to have: (a) The Customer's CitiCard number (CitiCard has to be valid), (b) The relevant Personal Identification Number (PIN) for transactions at Citibank Banking Centers (ATMs), (c) Access to the Internet, (d) A web browser that supports strong encryption (128 bit) and (e) The necessary equipment to access Internet (computer, modem, etc., or a mobile phone or interactive TV).

3. The Customer must, at his own responsibility, secure browser and equipment compatibility with the Citibank Online application.

4. All services offered and transactions that can be performed through the Citibank Online System are listed on the main menu of the Citibank Online home page. Any addition or removal of Citibank Online services or transactions shall become effective after an announcement by the Bank or after modification of the above menu list of services.

5. Entering orders and instructions, as well as execution of transactions through Citibank Online is exclusively carried out under the standardised method and in accordance with indications on electronic pages with which Customer shall comply.

6. Orders given by the Customer that are different to the standardised methods and indications or whose content is different to that accepted by the Citibank Online application, may cause distortion of electronic messages and harm the Customer. In such case, the Bank is neither obliged to execute such orders nor liable for any resulting damage caused to the Customer.

7. Transactions carried out through Citibank Online shall be recorded on the Customerís Statement with the indication Citibank Online.

8. Transactions effected by the Customer through Citibank Online are subject to limitations in terms of the amount, either per transaction or in terms of the total amount transacted on a single day, as announced by the Bank. Citibank Greece reserves the right to raise or lower restrictions and transaction limits by an announcement to the Customer through the Citibank Online menu list or by a notification in the Statement or through the Bankís branches.

9. Orders by the customer exceeding the set limits shall be rejected; such orders shall not be processed at all.

10. Before placing an order for a transfer of funds outside Greece, the Customer should be informed about the maximum time required for processing the order and crediting the beneficiaryís account, the value date (valeur), fees, any mediation by the correspondent bank, as well as the exchange rate of the transferred amount in another currency. Such information is provided by the Bank branches in information tables and/or in the Citibank Online electronic pages.

11. The exchange rate of the transferred amount to another currency within or outside Greece shall be stated in the Customerís Statement.

12. For each transfer of funds outside Greece or to the account of a non-resident, the Customer agrees on and accepts the following responsibilities: (a) The Customer solemnly declares and assures that the electronic application for foreign exchange funds shall cover genuine and good faith transactions. Additionally, the Customer bears full responsibility for the genuineness and lawfulness of such transactions and of any supporting documentation submitted in proof thereof, if applicable; (b) the Customer hereby undertakes that all relevant supporting documents shall be used only once for the purpose of obtaining foreign exchange to be transferred, and that apart from those documents to be submitted to the Bank, any other such documents shall be kept at the Customerís premises until an audit is carried out by the Bank of Greece or any other competent authority; (c) the Bank bears no responsibility for any mistakes or delays with regard to the success of a transfer of funds, or for any other consequence deriving from causes beyond the control of the Bank.

13. For each such submission of an application for the transfer of funds, the Customer shall be held as if submitting each time a separate solemn declaration in accordance with Act 1599/86, Article 8, containing the requirements as per article 12. above.

14. The Bank has taken all precautions to protect Citibank Online software from viruses; however, it cannot guarantee the absence of viruses and is not liable in case of damage caused to equipment, software or files, or any other damage caused to the Customer as a result of a virus.

15. The Bank is not liable for any defective operation of electronic communication through Citibank Online caused by delays, mistakes or technical inadequacy of the telecommunications network or the Customerís equipment, or the services offered by a third party, such as an Internet Service Provider.

16. The Customer must memorise his PIN and keep it secret and confidential, and generally comply with the security terms and procedures relating to the use of the Citibank Online application. If the Customer has reasonable suspicion of leakage or disclosure of his PIN to third parties, he is obliged to request immediately that the PIN be replaced. The Customer is solely and exclusively responsible for any damage caused as a result of his not observing the above obligation and of a third party gaining access to Citibank Online.

17. The Bank bears no responsibility for the Customerís orders and instructions before such orders and instructions reach the Bank. Receipt of an order or instruction by the Bank through Citibank Online shall be evidenced by electronic confirmation issued by the Bank. The Customer bears the liability for any distortions or mistakes that may have intervened in the Customerís order or instruction before receipt by the Bank; the Bank bears no liability to repair any damage the Customer may sustain as a result of the processing of such erroneous order or instruction.

18. Orders that have been issued by the Customer through Citibank Online become irrevocable once they reach the Bank.

19. The combined use of both Citibank Card number and the Customerís PIN for entering orders and processing transactions through Citibank Online determines Customer identification, is equivalent to the Customerís signature and has the same effect as his signature in person. The Customerís electronic signature has the aforementioned validity irrespective of authentication by a recognised authority.

20. The Customer hereby agrees that orders transferred through Citibank Online are valid and equal to orders in writing. The Customer waives his right to appeal with regard to lack of compliance with formal requirements concerning the validity, the evidence of the order or signature in person.

21. The magnetic entries stored in the memory of the computer of the Bank have full proving validity with regard to the content of the Customerís orders and transactions through Citibank Online. The Customer reserves the right to counter proof.

22. The Customer shall receive confirmation by the Bank for any transfer of funds, either by separate written notice or in the Statement.

23. Provisions in the Bank General Terms and Conditions for Transactions shall also apply for the validity of the Statement, which includes transactions through Citibank Online.

24. The Customer may at any time and without restriction request the termination of access to Citibank Online by a written notice to the Bank quoting his Citibank Card number or by a message through CitiPhone. The Bank shall process the Citibank Online access termination order within two (2) working days from receiving notification by the Customer.

25. The Bank also reserves the right to suspend or terminate the use of the Citibank Online application without notice in any one of the following cases: (a) improper use of the Citibank Online application on the part of the Customer; (b) breach of any of the terms and conditions in the present text or breach of any other obligation of the Customer, for whatever other cause, towards the Bank; (c) Customer insolvency or untrustworthiness; (d) technical reasons requiring the protection of Customer and electronic communication interests.
In all other cases, suspension or termination of Citibank Online use shall become effective subject to prior notification by the Bank, within reasonable time.

26. In the event that the Customer is a Legal Entity and has appointed an Authorised Representative, the PIN and the Citibank Card are delivered to the Authorised Representative. The Customer solemnly declares that all documents proving the power and fully legitimising the Authorised Representative have been submitted to the Bank. The Customer shall notify in writing the Bank of any changes relating to his representation by the Authorised Representative. Immediately after notification in writing and proof by the Customer to the Bank regarding any change of the Authorised Representative or his authority, the Bank shall, by the end of the following working day at the latest, revoke the Citibank Card and PIN, and shall suspend access to transactions by the Customer until the Customer appoints a new Authorised Representative; upon appointment of a new Authorised Representative, the Bank shall deliver to the new Authorised Representative a new Citibank Card and a new (different) PIN.

27. The Customer recognises and fully accepts his liabilities arising from actions or omissions by the Authorised Representative in performing transactions though Citibank Online, which the Customer hereby regards as valid and binding. The Customerís representation and undertakings towards the Bank shall be valid until the Authorised Representative is revoked by written notice (and proof) by the Customer to the Bank.
The Bank shall not be deemed to have knowledge of the lack or any limitation concerning the power or authority of the Authorized Representative merely because such lack or limitation has been legally publicized, unless specific and clear notice of the Authorized Representativeís revocation is given to the Bank by the customer in writing.

28. The CITIBANK ONLINE present terms and conditions may be amended by the Bank after prior notification to the Customer, either in writing or through the Statement, or through the Citibank Greece web page. The Customerís approval of the proposed amendment shall be presumed unquestionably by the continuation on his part of performing electronic transactions through the use of Citibank Online and/or through the Customerís electronic agreement with the content of the amendment and the new terms and conditions.

29. In order to protect transactions and safeguard confidentiality of Customer instructions, Citibank Online uses a strong encryption system (128 bit). The Bank reserves the right to enhance security procedures and change at any time the requirements for Customer access to Citibank Online. The Customer shall be responsible for any adjustment of his equipment to the requirements brought about by the above changes to Citibank Online.

30. The Customer shall bear the cost for his equipment and communication though Citibank Online. The Bank reserves the right to charge fees for transactions through Citibank Online, however after notification of the Customer.

31. Access to Citibank Online and performance of transactions is available throughout the week, 24 hours a day. The interest bearing date (valeur) is set depending on the specific date and time the transaction is made; the terms and conditions governing Customer transactions at the Bankís ATMs shall apply.


Terms and Conditions of Citibank Alerts Services for Bank Accounts and Credit Cards.

1. Citibank Visa, Citibank MasterCard and Diners Club card holders as well as Citibank banking clients with savings/current accounts may receive messages by e-mail and or SMS on their mobile phones regarding the activity of their cards or accounts, through the Citibank Alerts service.

2. The card holder/client may instruct the Bank to provide the Citibank Alerts service for the specific credit card and/or bank accounts for which he wishes to be informed.

3. Cancellation of registration of Citibank Alerts Services for credit cards or bank accounts may be conducted by calling Citiphone 210 92 90 500.

4. E-mail and SMS messages will be sent to the personal e-mail address and the personal cell phone number as indicated by card/account holder. Customerís personal e-mail address is not checked by Citibank Int Plc and/or Diners Club prior or subsequent to activation of the service. The customer (card or bank account holder) is responsible for advising Citibank or Diners with regard to any change to this information. The customers has been advised and consents that Citibank Alerts are not encrypted and may include the name or other information regarding the activity of the credit card or bank account of the holder.

5. The card holder/client will not be able to reply to the Alerts by email and/or SMS in order to administrate his credit card or bank account.

6. Each message will only be sent once. Message can not be reproduced in case the customer erases it.

7. Each SMS message has a capacity of 160 characters for messages in English and 70 characters for messages in Greek.

8. Sending and receiving messages by email and/or SMS will be effected as follows: (a) specifically for Cards Alerts, messages regarding purchases and/or other money transactions that require approval by Citibank will be sent 24 hours a day, whereas informative messages (such as the issuance of statements, reminders of settlement, whether you are close to reaching the credit limit and/or credit limit increase) will be sent between 09:00 am and 11:00 pm (GMT + 02:00), (b) specifically for Banking Alerts, messages regarding account balances and the use of overdrafts will be sent between 09:00 am and 11:00 pm (GMT + 02:00), while all other messages will be sent 24 hours a day.

9. Sending or receiving emails and/or SMS messages may not be effected or may be delayed for reasons that Citibank International plc or Diners Club are not responsible, such as technical problems of the holderís telecommunications services provider. For example, it will not be possible to receive email and/or SMS messages if (a) the ďinboxĒ of the email address or cell phone provided by the holder has exceeded its capacity, (b) if your telephone device is a SmartPhone, (c) There is no mobile cell phone network coverage to a specific geographical location (either within Greece or abroad) necessary to cover mobile telephony by the customerís mobile cell phone network provider, (d) a recent request for the portability of customerís cell phone number has not be completed, or (e) the holder has applied SPAM message detection rules without excluding Citibank as an acceptable sender, and so on.

10. Citibank International plc and Diners Club do not guarantee the confidentiality, the precision, fullness or timely receipt of the information included in the Alerts for which they are not responsible.

11. The subscription for Citibank & Diners Cards Alerts service is Ä1.00 per month per card for all Citibank Visa, Citibank MasterCard and Diners Club cards and will be charged in cardís account, except for Citibank Platinum Visa and Diners Club Prestige cards for which the service is gratis. Registration to the Citibank Alerts service is automatically renewed every year. The monthly subscription for the Citibank Banking Alerts service will be charged to the bank account according to the customerís instructions at the time of registration, and is Ä1.00 for consumer and Ä3.00 for corporate customer , apart from CitiGold / CitiSelect customers that the service is gratis. Registration to the Citibank Banking Alerts service is renewed automatically every year. Citibank Int Plc and/or Diners Club reserve the right to cancel the service or change the charge for Citibank Banking Alerts by informing customer at least 60 days prior to the cancellation/change of charge.

12. The Citibank Alerts service is only offered to facilitate information. It does not replace account statements sent to customerís address by mail as instructed by the latter.



The Bank, through its "Citibank Online" electronic facility, allows the cardholders to receive a monthly statement of account in electronic form (e-statement), provided they choose to do so. In this case, their monthly statement of account will no longer be sent by mail. Specifically, if the cardholders opt for an e-statement, and provided they have registered to the "Citibank Online" Service, they will receive, on the date their statement is issued, an electronic message (email), at the email address indicated in their application, which will inform them that their monthly statement of account has been issued and is available in electronic form through "Citibank Online". The cardholders are obliged to accurately state to the Bank their email address where they will receive the email notification regarding the availability of their monthly statement of account through the "Citibank Online" facility, and in case there is any change in their email address, they should promptly inform the Bank. The cardholders have the option to request, at any time and without any limitation, that they stop receiving e-statements and switch back to/start receiving their monthly statement of account by mail, either by sending a written notification to the Bank or by giving an oral instruction through CitiPhone, or through Citibank Online.
The Bank reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate the e-statement dispatch, and start sending the cardholders' monthly statement of account by mail, at their contact address, without prior notice, in any one of the following cases: (a) improper use of the Citibank Online system by the cardholders (b) breach of any of these terms and conditions on the part of the cardholders or breach of any other of their obligations, for whatever other cause, towards the Bank (c) Customer insolvency or untrustworthiness (d) technical reasons requiring the protection of the cardholders' interests and of the electronic communication. In all other cases, suspension or termination of e-statement dispatch shall become effective 60 days after the notification sent by the Bank. In all other respects, regarding the conclusive force of the monthly electronic Statement of Account, as issued from time to time, and of the transactions included in it, the relative provisions contained in the terms and conditions which govern the issue of each card of the holder, are applied accordingly.

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