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Citi Greece has been named “Best Bank in Greece” and “Best Investment Bank in Greece” at the annual Euromoney “Awards for Excellence”. Citi has won in total 17 awards at the annual Awards for Excellence of the financial Euromoney magazine, among which the outstanding accolades “Best Global Emerging Markets Investment Bank” and “Best Global Transaction Banking House”


Athens, July 9, 2012.

Euromoney, the preeminent global financial markets magazine, recognised Citi as “Best Global Emerging Markets Investment Bank” and “Best Global Transaction Banking House” at its annual Awards for Excellence ceremony. In particular, for the Greek market, Citi has been recognized “Best Bank in Greece” and “Best Investment Bank in Greece”, despite the adverse economic environment.

“We are very proud of this recognition and believe it to be a testament to the quality of our staff and our customer based philosophy as a bank. It is very pleasing to know that our customers recognize us as their trusted advisor in these uncertain times” stated Grant Carson, Citi Country Officer.

“The Euromoney awards have exceptional weight and are perhaps the most important recognition within the area of investment banking. The two awards won by Citi in the Greek market reflect the top level service offered to our clients, especially during a challenging period for the whole world”, said Linos Lekkas, Citi, Head of Corporate and Investment Banking for Central Europe, Greece, Israel and Poland, Cyprus, based in London.

According to Euromoney, the unique global network of Citi contributed decisively to the successes of the bank. As stated, “Citi being the “Best Global Emerging Markets Investment Bank” succeeded to leverage its unique global network on behalf of its clients and has shown real momentum in all products and most regions”. Meanwhile, “Transaction services are at the very heart of Citi, and the division is pumping out record revenues as it adds more and more clients to its global network.”

Below is a comprehensive list of Citi’s Euromoney award wins:

  • Best Emerging Markets Investment Bank
  • Best Global Transaction Banking House
  • Best Bank in Asia
  • Best Investment Bank in the Middle East
  • Best Flow House in Central & Eastern Europe
  • Best Debt House in Central & Eastern Europe
  • Best Cash Management House in Asia
  • Best Cash Management House in Latin America
  • Best Project Finance House in the United States
  • Best Investment Bank in Caribbean
  • Best Debt House in Poland
  • Best Equity House in Mexico
  • Best M&A House in Mexico
  • Best Bank in Greece
  • Best Investment Bank in Greece
  • Best Equity House in India
  • Best Investment Bank in Indonesia

ΤThe Euromoney Awards for Excellence are in their 21st year and are recognised to be among the most prestigious in the financial services industry.


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