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CitiDirect® Online Banking supports your company’s financial needs with real-time access to an ever-expanding range of products and services. It provides access to your Citibank information via the Internet using a standard Web browser.

Balance and transaction information is updated in real time intra-day. Complete prior day statements become available throughout the early morning as each of our account systems complete their nightly processes.

Customer support is available from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Additional customer and technical support is also available via the Internet at This site offers a variety of online features such as CitiDirect® news, training and reference guides, frequently asked questions, and customer-initiated service requests.


Security Features

CitiDirect® uses stringent, leading-edge security technology to protect your data during preparation, transmission and processing. It employs a four-tiered approach to security:

  • User identification and authentication with dynamic passwords
  • User entitlement and authorization to limit the functions accessible to each user
  • Data protection using Secure Sockets Layer, 128-bit encryption, digital certificates, and Method Authentication Code verification
  • Audits and alerts inform you when unauthorized access attempts are made


Balance and Transaction Reporting and Enquiry

CitiDirect® Online Banking offers a full set of balance and transaction reporting functions for your accounts. The system allows users to view information for single accounts or groups of accounts and monitor the status of transactions. You can view historical information for any transaction within the last 90 calendar days, for any Citibank account in more than 100 countries worldwide. All information is updated in real time, so you know your exact cash position at any point of time.

Reports include:

  • Cash Balance – A variety of reports and enquiry selections that show summary and detailed balance information on accounts.
  • Cash Statements – A variety of reports and enquiry selections that show summary and detailed information on transactions posted to accounts.
  • Transaction Initiation – Summaries and detailed reports that show information related to payments you initiate.

Reports can be viewed online and printed and can also be saved using Adobe Acrobat (“.PDF”) or Microsoft Excel (“.xls”).



CitiDirect® Online Banking allows you to initiate payments in local and foreign currencies electronically from anywhere in the world provided you are an authorized user. Preformats can be created as you initiate free formats. Various authorization levels are available from the same location or remotely, and you can check the status of payments at any time, and make online repairs if necessary.

Currently all main features are included into functions list:

  • Local currency payments
    • Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs)
    • Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)
    • Book Transfers
    • Checks Payments(This is subject to the Bank of Tanzania’s 10 Million Cap)
  • Foreign currency payments;
  • Administrative messages;
  • Credit Advice (reconciliation tool);

We continue to add capabilities to CitiDirect® Online Banking to make it a single, integrated, global platform for all your transaction and information reporting needs.


Customized formats:
You can create your own specific output using a customized file format builder, and including only those data fields you want. The typical output is a comma-delimited file.

The File Export feature lets you enter additional selection criteria to further refine your data output. And since CitiDirect® is supported by standard infrastructure, you can quickly and securely transfer new data and output files to your internal environment.



Cash Collection


This product family is designed to accelerate collections and improve the processing efficiency of your accounts receivables by outsourcing the Collections process to Citibank.....



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The e-Business strategy of Citibank is to :
CONNECT our customers to our web enabled services,
TRANSFORM our capabilities into new Internet offerings.

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Citibank's range of Electronic Banking products enhance the customer's interface with the bank enabling fast, secure access to banking through our portfolio of bank information and transaction initiation services

More about CitiDirect

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