• Global Citizenship at Citi enables progress makers

    Citizenship at Citi means recognizing the impact we have on the world and ensuring our business is enabling progress in the communities we serve. We focus our efforts on the promotion of financial inclusion and economic progress and the advancement of environmental sustainability. Our people are the key to these successful efforts, and we invest in recruiting and maintaining a diverse and talented workforce. Together we are working towards that simple yet powerful goal: enabling people to make progress in their lives, businesses and communities.

  • Supporting small-scale farmers in Kenya

    With a water pump and some innovation, Citi client KickStart International is helping small-scale farmers in Africa access more water for their crops, all year round. KickStart has already helped 770,000 people improve their livelihoods. Citi Microfinance and Citi Commercial Bank have partnered with Skoll Foundation to provide KickStart with $2 million in financing, which in turn will support increase food security in Africa.

  • Global financial inclusion by 2020

    Citi and the Citi Foundation are founding and lead partners of Financial Inclusion 2020, a multiyear campaign with the Center for Financial Inclusion. FI2020 is building a global movement to mobilize stakeholders in making financial services available to the two billion underbanked people around the world. With Citi's and the Citi Foundation's backing, FI2020 will act as a catalyst for governments, NGOs, corporations and thought leaders to bring more people into global markets.

  • Development and eco-tourism in rural Russia

    Together with WWF, the Citi Foundation is helping communities in the Altai region of Russia pursue entrepreneurial projects and protect the natural capital of the region. Through the program the Foundation has helped train more than 1,200 local residents in business development and helped fund several local enterprises focused on sustainable tourism. The partnership is expanding to new regions in eastern Russia.

  • Reaching our goals and reducing our impact

    Citi's environmental sustainability strategy is three-pronged: we invest in activities that address climate change, we assess and manage environmental and social risks associated with client transactions, and we aim to reduce our own footprint. In 2013 we surpassed three of our environmental goals early by reducing our greenhouse gas footprint by 25% and our waste to landfill by 40% (compared to 2005) and financing $53.9 billion in climate change project since 2007.

  • Socioenvironmental risk workshop in Peru

    Using our expertise in environmental and social risk management (ESRM), Citi trained Peru's banking regulator on developing socioenvironmental risk standards for local banks. The Peruvian regulatory body will model its rules on the Equator Principles and other international environmental finance standards. Efforts like this workshop allow Citi to spread good practices in ESRM to partners around the world and integrate environmental and social risk into more banks' decision-making processes.

  • Women leading at Citi Hong Kong

    Through a focus on recruiting, developing, and mentoring female talent, women at Citi Hong Kong are making progress. Of Citi Hong Kong's 2,900 employees, women represent half of Citi Hong Kong's management team. About 50% of professional roles are filled by women, too. Citi Hong Kong continues to support women's professional growth through career development programs, flexible working days, and events such as the Senior Women Leadership Series.