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What’s your IBAN?

What’s your IBAN?
In an effort to maximize efficiency and minimize errors in your banking
transactions, all Citibank customers in Bahrain will be expected to use an
IBAN transfer with effect from 31st January, 2012.

The IBAN will be required for the following electronic payments:

  • Sending and receiving electronic fund transfers in Bahrain
  • Sending electronic fund transfers to countries that have adopted IBAN, including some GCC countries (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates) and most European Union countries.
  • Receiving electronic fund transfers from any country (regardless of whether they have implemented IBAN or not).
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What is an IBAN?
The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is a global standard for identifying bank accounts across borders. These account numbers (created as per IBAN standards) contain a mechanism to check the accuracy of the IBAN of the recipient.
Customers can check the accuracy of an IBAN by using the websites provided in useful links given below.
How is IBAN different from my existing account number?
IBAN has 3 unique components that make it unique:
• Country code: ‘BH’
• Two check digits
• Four letters of the SWIFT BIC Code of the customer's bank
How can I obtain my IBAN?
You can access your IBAN by contacting Citibank. This unique number can also be found on the header of the regular bank account statement.
What are the benefits of IBAN on fund transfers?
IBAN has found global recognition because it offers key benefits like:
• Reduced errors
• Minimised delays
• Increased convenience and simplicity
Useful Links:
Central Bank of Bahrain website:
UN IBAN checker:
IBAN registry at SWIFT:
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