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Citibank Rewards - FAQs

Rewards program FAQs
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What is Citibank Rewards?
Do I have to pay any fees to participate in this Program?
How are my points calculated?
Do I earn CitiDollars for all my transactions?
How can I get CitiDollars faster?
My wife has a supplementary card. Can we get CitiDollars for her transactions?
Can I start redeeming my CitiDollars immediately?
How do I know the number of CitiDollars I have accumulated?
How can I get gifts for my CitiDollars?
How will I receive my gift?
How can I get the gift I want, faster?
Is there a time limit within which I must redeem my CitiDollars?
Can I gift my CitiDollars to somebody else?
Can I request for the gift to be sent to somebody else?
Can I redeem CitiDollars for my Annual Membership Fees?
Under what conditions can I not redeem my CitiDollars?
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